10 Apartment Repairs That Could Save You Money

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on December 28, 2012

It is sometimes easy to ignore small problems in a rented apartment. The reality is that small problems could cause larger issues that result in expensive repairs or increased energy bills. These 10 simple apartment repairs will help renters to save money throughout the year.

Some apartments have cracks, gaps and holes in the walls or around doors that lead outside. These gaps allow cold air to enter during the winter and release cool air in the summer. Filling these gaps with weather-stripping or another type of insulation will help to reduce energy bills in the future.

Most plumbing problems start as very small issues like leaks or running toilets. Leaks can cause water damage to the apartment that is costly to repair. Leaking faucets also use water. A leaking hot water line will increase water and electricity bills. Repairing most leaks is simple and involves nothing more than a few inexpensive washers, nuts or Teflon tape from a local hardware store.

Some older apartments might have broken or outdated lighting fixtures in the ceilings and walls. If the property managers agree, then it is a good idea to replace these fixtures with newer models. New fixtures are much more energy-efficient than older lighting units. Additionally, replacing burned out bulbs with new compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) will save energy throughout the year.

The windows in an apartment are responsible for a large amount of energy loss. It is important to take every step possible to seal the windows during the winter and in the summer when air conditioning is used. This could mean using heat activated plastic seals or filling gaps with strips of foam. Properly sealed windows will reduce heating and cooling costs dramatically.

Apartments that contain washers are dryers save residents money by making it unnecessary to use commercial services. Every renter should address any issues with a washer and dryer as soon as possible. Small changes in performance, strange noises or burning smells could all result in serious damage that is costly to repair. Losing the washer and dryer will also make washing clothes and sheets much more expensive.

Technology and energy efficiency standards have been improving steadily over the last few years. Old kitchen appliances in the apartment might be drawing much more energy than necessary. This could be because of inefficient wiring, age or a need for maintenance. It is a good idea to have the appliances checked and repaired at least once a year. Replacing very old units will save a large amount of energy each month.

Any broken locks on doors, windows, mailboxes or entryways need immediate repair. This could mean replacing a lock, rekeying a cylinder or adding new locks. This small investment in security will save money that might be lost due to theft.

The vents and ducts in an apartment require regular cleaning. Accumulations of dirt and debris in the vents could make heating and cooling systems less efficient. Dirt in the vents might also cause health problems. Cleaning the vents will decrease heating and cooling costs throughout the year and improve indoor air quality.

The areas around sinks, tubs and toilets should be examined for gaps or holes. Water that gets into these gaps could collect on the ground and cause damage that is expensive to repair. A small tube of caulk is enough to seal any gaps in the bathroom.

A very effective way to save money is to replace old thermostats with new programmable models. Programmable thermostats turn the heating and cooling system off when no one is home. They can reduce energy bills significantly each year.

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