10 Fun and Frugal Halloween Treat Ideas

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on October 16, 2014

If you’re anything like us, you’ll choose treats over tricks any day of the week. And if you have to make your own? So be it. To get the ball rolling, here are 10 simple, inexpensive Halloween treat ideas that are perfect for the party circuit—or a festive movie night at home.

Witch Hat Cookies

10 Fun and Frugal Halloween Treats| SmartyCents.com

Princess Pinky Girl

Want to make a magical dessert for those class Halloween parties? Try the Witch Hat Cookie recipe from Princess Pinky Girl.

Ghost Ice Cream Cupcakes

One Sweet Appetite

One Sweet Appetite

You’ll scream for this ice cream, but not because it’s scary. A perfectly sweet mix of brownie batter, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate chips, these ghostly goodies from One Sweet Appetite will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Graveyard Pudding Cups

10 Fun and Frugal Halloween Treats|SmartyCents.com

Party Pinching

This creative dessert comes courtesy of Party Pinching, a blog that’s all about budget-friendly party ideas. Top pudding cups with crushed Oreos, candy pumpkins and Ghost Peeps for a chocolate-and-marshmallow combination that’s scary good.

Nutter Butter Zombies

10 Fun and Frugal Halloween Treats|SmartyCents.com

Party Pinching

Another party-perfect treat from Party Pinching is the Nutter Butter Zombie Cookies: Nutter Butter cookies dipped in candy coating and topped with embellished with candy and fruit roll-ups for a zombie effect.

Halloween Hand Treats

10 Fun and Frugal Halloween Treats|SmartyCents.com

The Queen’s Card Castle

If you’re looking for a fantastic Halloween goody-bag, look no further than the Halloween Hand Treats from The Queen’s Card Castle. Pack clear, disposable gloves with your choice of candies and treats, add creepy spider rings or other party favors, and tie it all together at the wrist with a piece of festive ribbon!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Broomsticks


One Hundred Dollars a Month

It couldn’t be easier to make these broomstick treats from One Hundred Dollars a Month. We bet you can guess how they’re made. Sometimes the simplest way really is the best one.

Mummy Pizza

10 Fun and Frugal Halloween Treats|SmartyCents.com

Cooking by Moonlight

Make dinner frighteningly fun with this Mummy Pizza from Cooking by Moonlight. Use your favorite ingredients—including pre-made, refrigerated dough—plus a few black olive spiders to achieve a super-creative Halloween meal the whole family will love.

Pumpkin Pops

10 Fun and Frugal Halloween Treats|SmartyCents.com

The Gunny Sack

If you want a cheap treat you can throw together in a hurry, try these Pumpkin Pops from The Gunny Sack. Wrap tootsie roll pops in colored tissue and twine, draw on sweet or spooky pumpkin faces, and there ya have it!

Popcorn Ball Brains

Seeded at the Table

Seeded at the Table

Tap into your inner mad-scientist with these creepy (and equally tasty) Popcorn Ball “Brains” from Seeded at the Table. These gooey, gory treats take just 10 minutes to make and can double as a decoration when placed in jars.

Banana Ghosts


One Little Project

One Little Project’s Banana Ghosts are adorable, affordable, and almost too easy to be true. Just take freshly peeled bananas, add small chocolate chips for eyes and a larger one for an open mouth. And voila! You’ve got a creative snack that’s sure to please both young and old (and it’s healthy to boot).

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