10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men Under $25

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on February 4, 2014

No need to break the bank come Valentine’s Day. Instead, lend your loved one a little luxury with one of our ten picks for high-quality bits and bobs, each rounding out at $25 or less. 

For the Dapper Dan…
Swiss Steel Collar Stays (3-pack for $20)
swiss-steel-collar-staysFor the man who likes to dress for every occasion, a 3-pack of sleek and durable stainless steel collar stays—complete with compact storage for anytime styling—will be a welcomed addition to any gentleman’s accessories collection.

For the Taskmaster…
Chalk Tablet ($24)

Ideal for use in the kitchen, workshop or garden, these chalk tablets are made mostly of reclaimed materials—wood from 19th century buildings in Philadelphia and leather from WWII gun holsters. Once gifted, these babies are almost too charming to resist and a tempting tool to “borrow”—so consider buying two. Just in case.

For the Well (or Not-S0-Well) Groomed Gent…
Harry’s Shave Kit ($15)
harrys-shave-kitShave sets from from Harry’s make an ideal gift for the gent in your life—the one who takes particular pride in his facial grooming, or the one who could use a hint. The Truman Set comes complete with a razor, three blades and a tube of shave cream infused with naturally soothing and refreshing ingredients like coconut oil and eucalyptus. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds are donated to non-profit partners such as City Year.

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For the Thirsty Outdoorsman…
Stanley Adventure Flask ($20)
men's valentine giftsFor the guy who likes to have a sip (or several) by the campfire, on the dock or post-hike, the leak-proof, rust-proof Stanley Adventure Flask makes a perfectly thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. Consider gifting a small bottle of his favorite spirit, while you’re at it.

For the Fun-Loving Carnivore…
“Let’s T-Bone” Archival Beef Print ($20)


Valentine’s Day is ripe for romantic notions of all sorts, and we would be remiss not to suggest opting for a cheeky gift this year, just for kicks. The mildly suggestive “Fresh Meat Art” from Dry Well Art offers up perfectly grin-worthy framed wall art for the carnivore in your life.

For the Whiskey Lover…
Portland General Store Whiskey Aftershave ($18)
whiskey-after-shaveNo, he can’t drink it, but there’s no reason that a whiskey-loving gentleman shouldn’t be able to enjoy at least some of the qualities of his favorite indulgence first thing in the morning. Reportedly, the signature Whiskey scent from Portland General Store is “reminiscent of an ol’ yachtsman relaxing below deck at the end of a long day on the wild ocean, a favorite Scotch in hand.”

For the Festival-Goer…
Pendleton Leather Twin Blanket Carrier ($25)
pendleton-blanket-carrierFor the man who loves to frequent outdoor events—and sure, a picnic counts as an outdoor event—this Pendleton Leather Blanket Carrier will come in handy. Brimming with both style and utility, this blanket carrier makes for a unique Valentine’s Day gift—one with endless under-the-stars potential, we might add.

For the Host with the Most…
Cheese Slate and Cheese Cutter from Crate & Barrel ($starting 9.95)
slate-cheese-boardThe rustic appeal of slate makes it an ideal vessel for any hobby host’s favorite cheese and charcuterie display, along with any other snack-time pairing your man can conjure up. Select a slate size suited to his appetite, and if there’s dough left in the budget, pair the slate with a cheese tool—we especially love this wedge cheese cutter.

For the Chocoholic…
Woodblock Chocolate (pack of 4 $16)
woodblock-chocolateBecause nothing says I love you like chocolate, this pack of hand-crafted, hand-wrapped Woodblock Chocolate bars makes a perfectly appropriate Valentine gift for your sweetie—with just the perfect touch of masculine appeal.

For the Copious Note Taker…
Moleskine “Classic” Journal (starting at $9.95)
Boasting clean lines and sturdy construction, the Moleskine “Classic” Notebook makes a thoughtful gift for the idea man in your life. These sleek notebooks are available in a variety of sizes and colors, each available in either a hard or soft cover. If your Valentine loves to sketch, opt for the unlined paper.

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