10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women Under $25

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on February 4, 2014

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again. When it comes to gift-giving, thoughtfulness trumps expense—every time. These 10 gift picks, all rounding out at $25 or less, offer up inspiration for selecting a gift perfectly suited to your lady’s likes and loves, all without spending a pretty penny.

For Pampering Your Princess 
Fig + Yarrow Bath Salts ($12 each)
fig-and-yarrow-bathFor a hard workin’ woman in need of some down time—or any gal with an affinity for long, relaxing baths—these salts from Fig + Yarrow Apothecary are almost too appropriate to pass up. Their baby pink Valentine hue comes courtesy of Himalayan Pink Sea Salts, and they’re infused with essential oils for the ultimate in bath-time pampering.

For the Sweet Tooth Sufferer
Macaron Café Gift Box  ($23)

This year, score a few points for imagination by forgoing the traditional (read: boring) heart-shaped cardboard box of chocolates in favor of a vibrantly hued variety pack of macarons, straight from the renowned Macaron Café in New York City. Not only are they at the height of confectionary trends, these morsels are available in a variety of fun flavors like honey lavender, mocha and orange blossom.

For the Kitchenista
Organic Cotton Tea Towels ($10 each)

Etsy offers up a wealth of unique gifts, and we especially love delving into shops peddling handmade housewares that run the gamut from cute and quirky to downright gorgeous. At the moment, we’re completely smitten with the Organic Cotton Tea Towel selection from Oh, Little Rabbit—and we think any kitchen-dwelling Valentine will be, too.

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For the Americana Woman
Oversized Letterpress Postcards ($13 each)

Lovin’ your lady this Valentine’s Day? Let her know with an oversized letterpress postcard (or two) from Pioneer House Letterpress and Design. These designs are touched with a dose of nostalgia, boasting all manner of amorous expressions—and we’re talking about the the kind that really hit home. Among our favorites are postcards displaying messages like I Love You Like Biscuits and Gravy (pictured above) and You Are the Cream in My Coffee. Can’t argue with that.

For the Ice Queen
Sparq Wine Pearls, Set of 4 ($25)

We’ve seen the Whisky Stones, but for a slightly more chic take on ice-free chilling, opt for a set of hand-polished stainless steel wine pearls from Sparq. Meant for chilling white wines and cocktails without watering down your libation, wine pearls make an ideal gift for the Valentine who notoriously requires a perfectly chilled beverage.

For the Clothes Horse
The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior ($16)

For any fashion addict, The Little Dictionary of Fashion is a must-read. Written by couturier Christian Dior himself in 1954, this essential guide to lady’s dress sense offers up timeless notes on everything from styling tips to walking with grace.

For the Green Thumbed Goddess
PostCarden ($12.50)

Consider a desktop (or countertop, or windowsill … ) option for the green-loving goddess in your life. The Postcarden from Another Studio becomes a miniature pop-up garden, available in botanical garden (pictured above) and cityscape scenes. Just add water!

For the Multitasker
Limited Edition Action Book Mini ($14)

Maybe your Valentine is an avid multi-tasker; maybe calling your Valentine an avid multi-tasker is putting it lightly. Whatever the case may be, the Action Book planners from Behance are a stroke of gifting genius when it comes to shopping for the “organizationally inclined” loved one in your life. This limited edition Action Book Mini is ideal for stowing in purses or laptop cases.

For the Health and Fitness Fanatic
Lifefactory Water Bottle ($25)
valentine's day gifts for womenWater bottles by Lifefactory are all BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and come with a raised grip sleeve, available in a variety of bright colors. The sturdy, easy-grip construction offers convenience for anytime hydration—minus the metallic aftertaste that accompanies so many other options on the market.

For the Fragrance Aficionado
Pacifica Solid Perfume Trio ($18, or $9 per tin)

Start your perfume-passionate Valentine’s solid perfume collection with a trio of tins from Pacifica. These soy and wax-based solids, ranging in scents from sweet to spicy, are intended for “a dab here, a dab there” use and are great for layering. The Wanderlust Trio (pictured above) offers up complimentary scents, so your lady can create her own unique combination.

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