14 DIY Decor Ideas for the Holiday Season

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on November 30, 2014
DIY Christmas Lights
Whit and Whistle

With Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday season is officially in full swing, which means our wallets are taking a hit. This year, opt for easy, inexpensive holiday decorations that won’t break the bank.


Cinnamon Wrapped Candles

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com


Calling for only three supplies, these cinnamon-wrapped candles from bell’ alimento are easy on your wallet and just as easy to put together.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

Sara Bee

Snow globes are a classic holiday decoration for a reason. Make your own with this tutorial from Sara Bee, keeping crafting costs down by repurposing old decor.

Glitter Pinecones

Holiday DIY on a Dime

Mom Spotted

A little glitter goes a long way during the holiday season, and these simple, inexpensive glitter pinecones from Mom Spotted make a fantastic craft for kids and parents to do together.

Sock Snowmen

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

Darkroom and Dearly

Transform old socks into adorable snowmen with this DIY decor idea from Darkroom and Dearly. All you need are a few items from around the house: rubber bands, leftover fabric scraps, buttons and rice (or whatever snowman filler you have on-hand).


CD Mosaic Ornaments

Holiday DIY Decor on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

Creme de la Craft

Put old, scratched discs to good use with these mosaic ornaments from Creme de la Craft. Buy plain ornaments in bulk for just a few dollars and use leftover wrapping ribbon for hanging.


Paper Cube String Lights

Holiday DIY on a Dime

Wit and Whistle

Wit and Whistle‘s paper cube lights let you make over your Christmas lights with just few sheets of paper and some origami patterns. Hang them along the walls, bedposts, or across tables for a subtle, but beautiful effect.


Stellated Dodecahedrons

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

Minie Co

Calling only for paper, scissors, a ruler, double-sided tape and a pin/needle, this decor tutorial from Minie Co comes cheap. The greatest cost here is time and patience, as each piece requires attention to detail—for for the faint of crafting heart.


Holiday Streamers

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

Bloesem Kids

Streamers can go up for Christmas and stay up for a great New Year’s Eve decoration. Making your own streamers couldn’t be easier with just two supplies (ribbon and scissors) when you follow the guide from Bloesem Kids.


Confetti Glassware

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

Shaken Together

Follow the example of Shaken Together and buy glasses in sets from the bargain section or dollar store. Then choose your own custom holiday colors for festive embellishments!


Christmas Plates

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

The Pinning Mama

Pair your confetti glasses with easy Christmas plates from The Pinning Mama. Trace pictures or create your own designs with glass paint markers for Santa’s cookie plate or let your guests make their own fun and festive creations.


Baby Food Jar Menorah

Holiday DIY on a Dime


Create a simple and unique menorah for Hanukkah with this idea from Creatv.ly. Place a few stones and a small candle in repurposed baby food jars (or jam jars, or olive jars…). Add a Star of David to the center jar and line the jars up on a mantle or dining table for a festive touch.


Hanukkah Ornaments

Holiday DIY on a Dime | SmartyCents.com

Evermine Blog

Keep the Hanukkah fun going with easy and inexpensive ornaments from Evermine Blog.  Add some color to popsicle sticks with marker or paint, then glue the sticks together to form the Star of David. Add twine for hanging or use as table decor.


Bow Wreath

Holiday DIY on a Dime

Design Improvised

Skip the evergreen, and stand out from your neighbors with a bow wreath. Design Improvised‘s version takes 30 minutes and costs around $15, so even with a small budget you can make a big impact.


Cookie Sleds

Holiday DIY on a Dime

Mom On Timeout

The perfect craft for young children, Mom On Timeout‘s cookie sleds make for a colorful and edible decoration. Just bake square cookies, attach candy canes with frosting, and accessorize with chocolate.

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