24 Go-To Resources About Market Commodities

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on July 11, 2016
Commodity Markets

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A commodity market is a practical marketplace meant for selling, buying and trading of raw products. There currently exist around 50 important commodity markets globally.

Those who wish to invest in a commodity market can either buy stocks in corporations that have their businesses banked on commodity prices, purchase index or mutual funds, or exchange traded-funds that are tied up with companies related to commodities.

Interest in investing in commodities is currently on the upswing. However, it’s important to note that there are two sides to investing in commodities. While one side offers unimaginable profits and successes, the other side stands for substantial risks and falls as well.

Listed below are some of helpful resources for information on market commodities that can serve as effective tools for commodity investors around the world.


Listed below are the names of some blogs that gives you a glimpse of commodity investments dealing with all different types of commodities—ranging from agricultural to metal, and all the way to energy resources.

Seeking Alpha:  Seeking Alpha is a blog that offers a detailed and lengthy list of opinion front-runners in the commodity world who provide treasured perception and opinions.

MineWeb: Has immense information regarding a numerous commodities, ranging from gold, silver all the way to uranium, copper etc.

Inside Futures: Inside Futures, as the name suggests, contains articles and posts on trends regarding commodities and their futures trading.

Trading Charts: Trading Charts can swarm your brains with their overflowing information regarding virtually each and every commodity including even various minor popular ones like milk or flaxseed.

Commodity Online: It has charts, summaries, updates and general data on many of the world’s most important commodities.

Safe Haven: This blog covers numerous commodities, but focuses especially on precious metals.

Commodity Blog: Reviews many different commodities, offering the investors with technical insights, prospects as well as price information.

Trader Kingdom: It is an online website featuring a good blog on current market trends and futures trading.


Listed below are the names of some of eight globally recognized important commodity exchanges.

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group: CME is, without a doubt, the king of commodity exchanges world-wide. Covers the trade of every commodity ranging from corn, soybeans etc. to gold, silver and copper.

CMC Markets: CMC Markets aims at providing the next generation platform in online trading, striving to provide their clients with what they refer to as the ultimate trading experience.

Inter-Continental Exchange: ICE consists of many important energy contracts that includes Brent and WTI crude.

Dubai Mercantile Exchange: Dubai Mercantile Exchange shelters Oman crude oil futures—the most popular yardstick to which all other companies are measured in the Middle East.

Euronext: Euronext is undoubtedly one among the biggest exchanges in whole of the continental Europe that focuses on article of trade market data.

New York Mercantile Exchange: The NYMEX is globally the largest commodity futures exchange that offers exposure to a vividly diversified series of products including metal contracts.

London Metal Exchange: LME is located in the United Kingdom and is a major exchange that offers exposure to a wide variability of base metals and other commodity products.

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited: It can be called as an exchange capital that took over the world’s best non-ferrous metal market—the Metal Exchange, London who specializes in tin, copper and nickel.


Traders Log: Traders Log focuses on the best, most popular and most commonly traded commodities, providing investors varied charting opportunities for a large number of diversified products.

SidewaysMarkets: This website is directed towards active traders. It includes many trading courses and frequent FAQs.

Crude Oil Trader: Gives a methodological look at the commodity markets, along with specialized focus on the gold and oil stocks.

Morningstar: Contains immense data on a list of commodities that includes stocks contract capacity and open interest figures.

Bloomberg: Have all the major commodities with their spot prices along with information regarding important commodity indexes.

Commodity Trader: Provides useful updates on the commodities futures market to help traders go through the news.

Futures Mag: A site aimed at traders that provides useful charts and analysis.

The DoE: The DoE gives investors beneficial links to information on the most extensively traded global energy contracts.

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