6 Tips for Cutting Wedding Costs

Planning & Saving
on October 17, 2012

Congratulations! You are getting married! Now it is time to set a budget, save money and plan your wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding of your dreams can easily become the debt of your nightmares. According to weddingstats.org, the average wedding in 2012 cost $26,951. And nearly 50% of all couples will end up spending more on their wedding than their original budget.

So how can you stick to your budget? Start saving money by studying the six tips below.

1. Dress Shop Online
Search bridal shops online for deals and savings on your bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses. Try on dresses in store to determine sizing and then spend time searching for a bargain online. Sign up for email alerts from your favorite stores so you never miss a sale. Check out pre-owned dresses for bargains on used dresses, some never even worn.

2. Borrow From Other Brides
Talk to other brides who are getting married around the same time and see if you have similar ideas for decorations. Split the cost of flowers, reception decor and church decorations with another bride.

Another option is to recycle from another bride. Browse for used wedding decor on eBay, other websites, garage sales and newspaper classifieds. Many brides will sell their used decorations at bargain prices just to get them out of the house.

3. Trim Your Guest List
Trimming your guest list will help you save on catering costs, table decorations, invitations and venue size. Do not feel obligated to let everyone bring a date. Avoid inviting people that you have not talked to in over five years or all of your coworkers if you do not have a personal relationship with them.

4. Change Your Wedding Date
Reception halls and venues usually charge higher prices for Friday and Saturday weddings. Planning your wedding for a weekday or a Sunday can be an easy way to start saving money.

5. Get Crafty
Many brides save tons of money by getting crafty! Search the web for do-it-yourself projects for favors, decorations, invitations, programs and more. Ask your bridesmaids, friends and family members to help you complete projects for the wedding. Have all of your “helpers” over on a weekend to complete your wedding craft projects and enjoy spending time together in the process!

6. Save On Postage
Many brides are saving money by reducing postage on wedding invitations and replies. Instead of having your guests reply by mailing back a card with pre-paid postage, have them call or reply online. Not only will this save money on postage, but you will also be saving money on printing bills.

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