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on September 10, 2013

It’s important to know where you stand with money.  Whether it’s trying to handle expenses while also saving money or trying manage an entire household, we found that is a great platform to meet many needs. Here is a list of some tools that you can use to manage your finances from

Saving Money with

One of’s best features is their interface since it is crisp, clean, simple, and colorful to navigate through. The dashboard is also very simple to look through and it provides a one-page financial picture of every element, and it’s also updated once a day. Overall, the job of is to provide individuals with a snapshot of their total net worth, and it displays that number at the top of their Mint account when somebody logs in. Individuals also have total control over the small details such as spending categories, transfer payments, and exclusions.

The essential features of such as keeping track of spending and allocating budgeting categories are only the beginning of what somebody can do with this software. For example, individuals can make goals and then track them with built-in calculators. Now saving for vacation or putting away money for a house is not hard to do.

Advertisements and Security

One of the things that individuals can’t fully control is the advertisements on However, these advertisements are targeted and usually help the individual manage their finances better. For example, somebody who isn’t receiving a good interest rate from their current savings account might get an advertisement suggesting better alternatives. Individuals can navigate the Ways to Save section to find additional banks that would give them a better rate and individuals can even set parameters to find out exactly what they need to meet their financial goals.Individuals also shouldn’t have to worry about what kind of security is behind They use bank-grade encryption security, which means that even the company itself doesn’t have access to what anybody types. From the Mint interface, nobody can make payouts or transfers of money of any kind, which means that no one else can’s smart blend of financial tools make it a good recommendation for people who are looking to improve their financial situation. Also, anybody who is concerned about their finances can’t go wrong with using since it’s free and it provides powerful tools.

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