Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

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on November 25, 2014
Best Gifts for the Food Lover

For the meal planner, the coupon clipper, the bulk buyer and all of the otherwise-budget-sensible food fanatics on your holiday shopping list—we’ve rounded up what we think are the ultimate picks for holiday gift-giving. From waste-reducing cookware to preservation tools, we’ve got the food lover on your list covered.


Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

A slow cooker is an avid meal planner’s best friend, allowing for extended cook-times, sans supervision, thus eliminating the hassle-factor of careful, conscientious meal planning. And this model takes that concept to an entirely new level with the addition of WeMo technology, allowing you to control the device from an app on your phone. From anywhere—anytime.

WeMo Enabled Crock-Pot, $130


Paper Goods by Knock Knock

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

For a loved one who’s a planner and a saver, we recommend Knock Knock’s line of cheeky paper goods. Their colorful (and perfectly pragmatic) perforated To Do / To Buy grocery pads allow for multi-tasking to the ultimate degree, while the Money Receiptables organizer does triple-duty as receipt storage, spending tracker and budget planner.

Left to right: To Do / To Buy Perforated Pad ($7), Money Receiptables Organizer ($12)


Dreamfarm Gripet

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

And for showcasing all those grocery lists, meal plans and coupons—the Dreamfarm Gripet. This sleek design is ideal for front-and-center storage on the fridge, but it also comes complete with adhesive pads for mounting anywhere that strikes your fancy.

Gripet, $26


Reusable Farmers’ Market Totes

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

Reusable market totes are a must-have item for meticulous shoppers. We’re loving West Elm’s selection of totes, all sporting cute and clever designs, making them the ideal shopping accessories—and a stand-up gift item for your favorite hunter/gatherer.

Market Tote Bags, ($18)


Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

Perfect for the thirsty (and the thrifty) on your gift list, this Bottle Opener AND Resealer from Kaufmann Mercantile allows you to reseal fizzy beverages for a rainy day. The bottle opener side works, well, just like you might imagine it would, but here’s the kicker: the reverse side features a rubber seal and chrome grip for creating an airtight seal.

Bottle Opener and Resealer ($8.95)


Ball® Home Canning Discovery Kit

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

Ideal for frugal foodies interested in upping their waste-nixing game—and a great set of extras for experienced home-preservers—the Ball® Home Canning Discovery Kit comes complete with a polypropylene rack with a separate lifter, a set of three 1-pint jars and a book of easy-to-follow canning instructions.

Canning Discovery Kit ($12)


Ball® Herb Preservation Supplies

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep sayin’ it. Waste not, want not. A wonderful extension of the Ball brand preservation line, these herb preserving tools allow you to prep, store, dry or freeze fresh herbs, harnessing their flavor for future use.

Left to right: Frozen Herb Starters ($16), Fresh Herb Keeper ($16), Dry Herb Jar Set ($7), 5-Blade Herb Scissors ($12)


Stainless Steel Food Carriers

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

For the food lover who’s financially savvy, a set of durable, long-lasting containers is key. So for gifting, opt for a set that’s both functional and stylish. We love the sleek, stacked stainless steel carriers from To-Go Ware (but they also have microwave-safe silicone versions, if you’re shopping for a staunch utilitarian).

Left to right: 3 Tier Stainless Food Carrier ($25), 2 Tier Stainless Food Carrier ($25), Snack Stack Carrier ($19)


Long-Lasting Non-Stick Fry Pan and Wok

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

This baby comes with a lifetime warranty. Need we say more? In case you’re not sold just yet, note that this non-stick Black Cube™ technology is designed to combine the heating qualities of stainless steel cookware with the easy-to-clean convenience of nonstick cookware—and designed specifically to withstand the use of metal utensils.

Frieling Black Cube Non-Stick Fry Pan (starting at $70)


FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System

Best Gifts for Frugal Foodies

For a freezer-cooking enthusiast, or an avid bargain shopper who lives for the thrill of a good bulk-buy, a vacuum sealer is a must-have. Allowing for easy sealing and organized freezer storage, meticulous meal planners will relish a tool that allows them to avoid unnecessary waste—and get prep steps out of the way well in advance.

From left to right:  FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System ($80), FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System ($150)


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