Budget Decorating Ideas for Every Room

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on August 14, 2014

When your house could use a spruce-up—but you’re not interested in emptying your pockets to cover a major remodel—look to these budget decorating ideas to revitalize your home. Go room by room, adding inexpensive embellishments and implementing these clever design tips from Hometalk to help you achieve your desired look.


1. Bedroom

Budget Decorating Ideas

Southern Revivals

Let’s start where you start every day—in bed. You need your bed to be cozy enough to put you right to sleep at night, with the rest of your room bright and inviting enough to welcome you out of bed each morning, wide-eyed and ready to face the day. Achieve this effect with some simple DIY bedroom design projects, like this stately headboard look, which Hometalker Jamie achieved for just $50, to immediately brighten and balance a bedroom.


2. Kitchen

Budget Decorating Ideas

Mom 4 Real

How many times have you considered a kitchen remodel only to be scared away from the idea by hefty price tags? Instead of looking for big design ideas, look to the details. Give your cabinets and walls a neutral coat and let the details do the talking. Consider removing cabinet doors and displaying dishes to act as an accent. You can even paint or paper the back wall of the cabinet for a shock of color, like this Hometalker did, with a bright aqua, for only $53.


3. Living Room

Budget Decorating Ideas

Living Rich on Less

If your living room decor is starting to look tired, liven it up by reviving your couch, which is generally a focal point in the room. It only takes $10 to make your couch look plush and inviting again, using this Hometalker’s easy tutorial for refluffing your living room seating.


4. Bathroom

Budget Decorating Ideas

Adventures in Decorating

The key to a beautiful bathroom is a clean, neat design. White walls and small accents, like your sink and shower hardware or your mirror display, give a bathroom a welcoming air of freshness. For inexpensive ideas, see how this Hometalker used a bit of paint for details, and some fabric on canvases to completely redesign her bathroom.


5. Backyard

Budget Decorating Ideas

Concord Garden

When designing your house on a dime, it’s easy for your garden to get neglected. Make sure to show it some love in an inexpensive way—with added color. For an attention-grabbing pop of color, try this Hometalker’s tricks to adding color to a garden.


6) Closet

Budget Decorating Ideas

Rappsody in Rooms

Even though no one but you will see your closet, it’s important that the atmosphere makes you feel empowered and creative, because people will see what you choose to wear. This can be a budget-friendly project—just follow this easy tutorial on repurposing storage from around your home. Cover cartons and repurposed cereal boxes in colorful, fun paper, and repaint recycled canisters to store smaller articles of clothing, hats or jewelry.


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