Budget Friendly Summer Date Ideas

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on June 26, 2013

It’s summer, and love is in the air. Just because you are saving money doesn’t mean that you and your special someone cannot enjoy a fantastic date together. Below are some inexpensive date ideas that are sure to be memorable for both of you.

Go on a Day Trip

A lot of couples plan elaborate vacations, but if you are trying to save money, this isn’t really an option. A much more budget conscious choice is a day trip. These are short, one-day affairs that can include a trip to a local national or state park, beach, zoo, or festival. Use these as opportunities to get to know the surrounding area better so that you can plan future dates. The only mandatory cost here is gas, though planning an inexpensive meal or packing one yourself is not a bad idea. All in all, you can have a fantastic full day of fun for less than 50 bucks.

Cook a Meal Together

Cooking at home is almost always cheaper than going out to eat, and it provides hours of bonding time. If weather permits, take it outside! Many parks have grills or allow you to bring a small one of your own. As your food cooks, feel free to unleash your inner child: monkey bars are just as fun when you’re 5 as they are when you’re 25.

Go Hiking

A great way to spend a day together and experience the beauty of nature, research local hiking trails, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, and get outdoors! Be sure to bring water and snacks. Trail mix it easy and cheap to make at home, and you’ll be thankful for the much needed calories.

Take a Bike Ride/Run Together

Exercise is better when you’re both sweating together. Take a long bike ride or run out to a local attraction, boardwalk, or natural spectacle. Once there, take a break, enjoy the view, and people-watch. The world around you is an infinitely interesting thing, and you shouldn’t be afraid to experience it together. Here’s a hint: make your destination a place that has a great view of the sunset, and time your run or ride accordingly.

There are tons of ways to have fun as a frugal couple, you just have to remember this: you are there for each other, all else is secondary.

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