Buying Gift Cards At A Discount

Shopping Savings
on November 15, 2012

Gift cards make great gifts around the holidays, but if you find ways to buy them at a discount, they can be a great way to save money on your everyday purchases. Finding discounted gift cards can be tricky, but there are several ways to do it. Start with these simple strategies:

Look for holiday specials. Around the holidays a number of businesses offer specials where they give away a small gift card with the purchase of a larger gift card. While the idea is to entice customers to give gift cards for the business to their friends and relatives, there are no rules saying that you have to do this. Instead, buy these gift cards with the free gifts and use both cards yourself. In the case of a $25 card being sold with a free $5, you can save about twenty percent.

Look for deals on online auction sites. Many times people will get gift cards that they do not want to use, or they would prefer cash to pay other bills. Other times people will auction off cards that they have purchased at a discount or have received from employers. While some cards sell for close to their face value, many times cards from regional retailers or other smaller stores will sell for less than half of their face value.

Look for deals from online retailers. Many brick and mortar stores will offer discounted gift cards that can only be used on their websites, or vice-versa. Around the holidays, read ads carefully to find these deals.

Try trading gift cards. There are several websites that allow you to trade gift cards with other people. The most popular cards are for department stores and big online retail stores. Some people have found that offering a card from one of these retailers can get them a good deal on a card from a store or restaurant that isn’t as popular. Regional retailers and smaller online only retailers are usually great cards to trade for using this strategy.

Look for deals with new restaurants and stores. Often when a new restaurant or store opens in an area, the chain will offer free or low cost gift cards to people as way to get them interested in the establishment. Check out the store or restaurant first to see if it will suit your needs, then stock up on the discounted cards.

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