Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning Solutions You’ve Never Seen

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on March 9, 2015
Spring Cleaning Checklist

Whether you’re itching to get your hands on that spring cleaning checklist—or dreading any time at all spent scrubbing and organizing—Spring is coming. These genius DIY cleaning solutions and shortcuts will revolutionize your process for seasons to come.

Cut kitchen grease.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning Checklist Project via Hometalker Alicia at Thrifty & Chic 

Grease-cutting dish soap can only do so much to rid your kitchen appliances and surfaces of weeks worth of caked-on cooking grease. Instead of scrubbing your fingers to the bone, try this easy trick using an old reliable—baking soda.


Get rid of that toilet ring for good.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning ChecklistProject via Hometalker Diana at Anyone Can Decorate

You’ve tried traditional toilet bowl cleaners, and you’ve tried constant upkeep, but the solution for that grimy ring in your toilet bowl is actually something you would never imagine: lemon flavored Kool-Aid powder! This chemical-free cleaning miracle is a fraction of the standard cleaner price and much more effective.


Clean your faucets for free.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning ChecklistProject via Hometalker Raye at Thoughts by Her

After your clothing has had a tumble in the dryer, use those creased dryer sheets to rub the water rings off of your metal faucets and appliances. Check out this DIYer’s helpful how-to for an easy and totally free faucet cleaner to set your taps sparkling.


Mix your own tub cleaner.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning ChecklistProject via Hometalker Jessica at Mom4Real

Bleach-soaked cleaners get the job done, but they bring a whole party of unpleasant and poisonous fumes into your cleaning routine, and they can be a bit too harsh on some surfaces. Instead, try out this three-ingredient homemade soft scrub, especially effective on tubs and sink bowls.


Soak out hard water stains.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning ChecklistProject via Hometalker Maryann at Domestically Speaking

You know how you can fight for an hour with that hard water stain around your sink or faucet and never win? Well, say goodbye to the fighting, with this simple vinegar soak solution, that solves the problem for you, no scrubbing required.


Clean windows the streak-free way.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning ChecklistProject via Hometalkers Denise and Lesley at Chaotically Creative

After trying every store bought solution and homemade idea in the book, this DIYer learned a foolproof streak-free window cleaning trick from professional window cleaners. Now, she only uses Dawn Dish Detergent with this easy method, to keep her windows constantly sparkling.


Wash and whiten pillows.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning Checklist

Project via Hometalker Jessi at Practically Functional

Cure your tired pillows of their yellowish dinge by throwing them in your washing machine and following this easy whitening and washing method. This idea works so well, you can revive your pillows once every six months and keep them sparkling and smelling fresh.


Refresh grubby tile grout.

Cheap and Easy DIY Spring Cleaning ChecklistProject via Hometalker Angela at Angela Says

Mixed with the perfect vinegar and water solution, Bon Ami natural cleaning powder is so effective, it can turn your greying grout back to white after a simple scrubbing. Gritty tile grout stains don’t stand a chance against this $1 grocery store cleaner.

Want to have your mind blown with more amazing cleaning tricks and tips? Check Hometalk’s cleaning tips page for more homemade solutions and clever cleaning hacks.

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