Clipping Coupons for the Greater Good

Shopping Savings
on October 4, 2012

The changes to the American economy over the past four to five years have led many citizens to think more and more about saving money. Losing a job or having increased expenses for gas, food, education and healthcare can lead to the need for stretching dollars. Although it has traditionally been mainly utilized by people who remembered the Great Depression, coupon clipping has become popular among all age levels because of the Great Recession. Coupons leave cash in the hands of consumers because they cut the cost of a variety of products.

Saving Money on Family Purchases

Coupons are usually used for saving money. This is not a bad idea. Coupons can do a great deal of good. They can allow families to put more food on their tables for a lower price. Providing for one’s family should be the primary priority for everyone. There are also several ways that coupons can help others outside a family.

Local Food Banks

Using coupons can allow individuals and families an opportunity to help in a variety of ways. Some Americans may feel the need to give back to their community. Even though some families are doing well, there are many who are suffering for unemployment or underemployment. Many churches and community organizations maintain food banks for those who are experiencing difficult financial times. These food banks rely on donations from individuals and businesses. Individuals who want to donate items to a local pantry can utilize coupons to lower the cost of donations. This practice can free up more money for donations and get a bigger bang for the buck.

Expired Coupons for the Military Overseas

Another way to contribute to the good of others is by donating expired coupons. The general population cannot use expired coupons, but military commissaries outside the United States accept expired coupons for up to six months after the expiration date. Only manufacturer coupons are eligible for this program so it will do no good to send coupons provided directly by retailers. The standard shipping rates for the United States apply to packages sent to military bases that are located overseas. Instead of throwing expired coupons away, save them for a good use.

Care Packages and Nonprofits that Benefit Poor Nations

Coupons that are not expired can still be used to help those overseas. Military care packages can become cheaper with the use of coupons. Servicemen and women will be thrilled to know that people on the home front remember them. Also, many nonprofit organizations contribute to poor sections of the world. Clipping coupons can keep costs down and individuals can maximize contributions to these worthy causes that help others.

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