Energy-Saving Gift Ideas

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on November 22, 2013

Whether you are an especially conservative consumer, or you simply find yourself shopping for one, the products on our list of energy-saving gift ideas are for you.

Solar Window Charger ($70)

Clean lines meet clean energy in the Solar Window Charger from XD Design.  A sleek, portable square charger stylishly encases a solar energy panel, which adheres to window surfaces for optimum sun exposure. Use it to charge your mobile devices and MP3 players anywhere the sun shines! Complete with charging port for use with any USB-compatible device, this energy-saving gadget makes an ideal gift for, well, just about anyone these days.

Desktop iPhone Gramophone (starting at $199)

Featuring a classic-looking phonograph horn constructed of iron and brass perched atop a solid oak base, the Desktop Gramophone is nothing short of covet-worthy. Available in a variety of sizes at Restoration Hardware, the gramophone projects sound directly from your iPhone speaker amplifying the sounds up to four times, no batteries or electricity required.

Koostik iPhone Speakers (starting at $75)
koostik-acoustic-iphone-speakerLooking for something more portable? These handmade acoustic speakers from Koostik offer a rustic-meets-modern wooden aesthetic, available in a variety of models and finishes. The Koostik passive speakers provide sound amplification, no electricity required—anywhere. Think office, kitchen countertops, picnic tables, fireside gatherings and beyond.

Sun Rocket Solar Kettle ($59.50)

The Sun Rocket solar kettle is an outdoor enthusiast’s best friend, offering up free hot water anywhere the sun shines. Perfect for morning tea or rehydrating foods around a campfire, the Sun Rocket is also ideal to have on-hand for emergency or first-aid use. The device features solar panels, which concentrate and reflect energy towards a glass vacuum tube, which doubles as a thermos.

Nest Thermostat ($249)
nest-thermostatA conservative consumer’s dream come true, the Nest smart thermostat makes the perfect gift to slide under the tree for your most frugal friends. The Nest monitors your habits and learns your schedule and adjusts temperature accordingly. Worried about changing conditions or sneaky house guests? Monitor the Nest directly from your smart phone.

Belkin Conserve Insight ($29.99)
conserve-insightFor curious consumers and the thriftiest of loved ones, the Belkin Conserve Insight is the gadget to get.  The Insight plugs into the wall, and your appliances plug into the Insight, which then provides a reading that reports electricity use, cost of operation and carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Kit (starting at $25)
energy-savings-kitEnergy Saving Kits from EnergyEarth range from the basic Switch and Save Starter Kit, a collection of household tools and gadgets promising a savings of up to $1,103 in the lifetime of the products, all the way to the Ultra Savings Kit, which promises a savings of up to a whopping $13,477. Shoppers can choose from five different kits depending on the needs and interests of the giftee, each kit including products like LED bulbs, faucet aerators and other household tools and appliances that promise to cut back on wasted resources.

Evolve Shower Heads (starting $29.95)
evolve-shower-headsImagine, if you will: the shower is on, water gradually warming. You brush your teeth, then your hair, turn on the coffee pot… how much water would you expect to waste in a matter of minutes? More than you think. We subscribe to a waste not, want not philosophy, which secures the Showerstart technology featured in Evolve products a spot at the top of our holiday wish list this year. Evolve shower heads slow water flow to a trickle once the water reaches the toasty temp of 95 degrees, eliminating excessive waste—and letting you know when you’re morning shower is primed and ready.

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