5 Free Budgeting and Money-Tracking Apps

Budgets & Banking
on November 7, 2013

This collection of fantastic money-tracking apps allows you to easily attend to your finances on-the-go. All five are compatible with both Apple and Android devices—and even better, all five are free! See? You’re already off to a great start.

Easy Envelope

Easy EnvelopeAn app designed for advocates of the envelope budgeting system, Easy Envelope allows you to designate pre-determined amounts of money into separate categories such as food, clothing and entertainment. From there, track available funds in each category to ensure you never exceed your budget. Beyond providing a simple, perfectly digital way to monitor your funds for each category—standard bank account tracking is available with Easy Envelope, too.

Download for Apple and Android


Mint.comDesigned as an all-purpose personal finance tool, the Mint.com app recognizes all of your personal accounts—including checking, savings, investments and retirement accounts. As such, there’s no need to spend time entering your own transactions. Mint.com recognizes them for you—and then customizes your budget based on spending patterns, displaying them in user-friendly graphics.

Download for Apple and Android


ManillaNever incur another late fee. Sound good? We think so. This bill-tracking app sends you reminders when utility due dates are coming up. Beyond that, you can schedule monthly payments of all types in advance—from rent and utility bills to loan and car payments.

Download for Apple and Android


CheckWith the Check app, users are able to consolidate all accounts and bill payments in one place.  Opt to receive deadline reminders, and make immediate payments right from your phone—even schedule payments in advance for totally worry-free bill maintenance.

Download for Apple and Android



Toshl allows users to track account balances and organize payments, but this app also comes complete with travel companion features to monitor expenses and convert currency amounts, so you’re never caught off guard at the end of a trip. The Toshl app allows for easy back-up on Toshl.com, so unexpected technical difficulties or damage to your device won’t hold you back.

Download for Apple and Android

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