Forget Fear—And Other Ways to Reboot Your Financial Life

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on July 3, 2014

Positive Daily Affirmations

Stressed about money? You and me, both. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the American Institute of CPAs, a whopping 44 percent of adults in the United States report “high” levels of financial stress. While that figure alone may not inspire shock and awe at the water cooler, you might be shocked to learn that cutting yourself a little slack (or a lot) could actually go a long, long way towards improving your stress levels and your financial situation.

“All of us have opinions, ideas and beliefs that we have gathered over time from what we’ve read, seen, or heard about from family, friends, teachers and the media,” says Chellie Campbell, author of The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction. “Much of what is passed along about money is negative; therefore, we need to reprogram our minds with positive beliefs about money.”

Here, Campbell talks conquering fear, enacting positive change, and fostering “prosperity consciousness”—plus 14 affirmations to practice for a renewed perspective on your financial life.

Smarty Cents:  What is the connection between financial wellness and spiritual wellness?

Chellie Campbell:  Years ago, when I owned a financial services firm, I saw that a lot of the wealthy people seemed to have little spirit, and a lot of the spiritual people were broke! I wondered why these two things were disconnected. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a material existence, which to me means that we are supposed to master both of them, not exclude one or the other. It is all about balance: making enough money to have the life you want, and having enough time off to enjoy family, friends and fun so that life is a pleasure.

SC:  In your opinion, what is the one thing does the most consistent damage to an individual’s perspective on money?

CC:  Fear. Our news media and most financial experts deluge us with negative messages: you’re going to run out of money; you are going to get sick and decrepit when you’re old; you’d better save every dollar you make or you’re going to be in trouble. That becomes the voice that speaks in our minds when the subject of money comes up, and then we’re always operating from fear of the future rather than faith.

SC:  What other exercises can be used to supplement the affirmations in an effort to find greater financial wellness, or even wealth?

CC:  There are two basic principles: The Law of Attraction and the Law of Action. Affirmations help you focus on the positive, and when you’re a positive person, other positive people are naturally attracted to you. But affirmations alone aren’t enough. How many affirmations would you have to say in front of a piano before you could play it? You have to take positive action: take lessons and practice. In the same way, to make money you need to look for a job, start a business, network, market your services, expand your presence on the internet through websites and social media. I call that “sending out ships” so that one day your ship will come in.

SC:  Was there a specific moment or occasion that assured you that daily affirmations are an effective way to overhaul your relationship with money?

CC:  I took a class many years ago called Hypmovation around 1979 – it was about using self-hypnosis to motivate yourself. There were a lot of positive messages we repeated to ourselves, and I started focusing on making more money and saving for a down-payment on a house. I created a two-year plan for that to happen, but I bought my first house only six months later. That convinced me.

SC:  Do you have any favorite resources for inspiration—books, blogs, or magazines, for example?

CC:  I have been reading The Daily Word published by Unity since the 70s. I also enjoy 365 Tao by Ming-Dao Deng and A Deep Breath of Life by Alan Cohen. Daily Worth is a great money management blog, and I enjoy O magazine, too. Among my favorite books are Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten, It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been by BJ Gallagher, The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol, and The Tipping Point (and everything else) by Malcolm Gladwell.

SC:  Can you coach us through the process and maybe share a few of your affirmations?

CC:  “First you have a belief, then you gather proof.” All of us have opinions, ideas and beliefs that we have gathered over time from what we’ve read, seen, or heard about from family, friends, teachers and the media. Much of what is passed along about money is negative; therefore, we need to reprogram our minds with positive beliefs about money.

Here are some positive statements to repeat out loud or write down each day first thing in the morning and at night before you go to sleep. Other good times to repeat them are when waiting in line, driving, exercising, etc. Do them consistently for 21 days, and you will have established a new prosperity consciousness habit.

1.   People love to give me money!

2.   I am rich and wonderful.

3.   I am now earning a great, big income doing what satisfies me.

4.   Something wonderful is happening to me today—I can feel it!

5.   All my bills are paid up in full, and I still have all this money.

6.   My affirmations work for me, whether I believe they will or not.

7.   A lot more money is coming into my life. I deserve it and will use it for my good and the good of others.

8.    All my clients praise me and pay me!

9.   I am a money magnet!

10.  Money comes to me easily and effortlessly, waking and sleeping.

11.  I am now highly pleasing to myself in other people’s presence.

12.  All my dues are paid in full.

13.  I walk, talk, look, act, think and am rich.

14.  I am a winner—I win often, and I win big!

Will you give daily affirmations a try? Comment below, and tell us what you think!


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