Frugal Father’s Day Gifts

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on June 15, 2013

Most of us have fathers or stepfathers who have influenced our lives a great deal. For this one day every year, you will probably join millions of people around the world celebrating just what your father means to you. As Father’s Day gets closer, you might be struggling on a special gift to get your dad while saving money at the same time.

Just because you are being conscious of what you spend, saving money does not mean Father’s Day will not be fun. Always keep in mind that this day is special for dad’s all around, and anything you do can be the perfect gift as long as it is meaningful and the sentiment is there. Keeping this in mind, consider the below inexpensive ideas to give your dad for Father’s Day.

Recording a Video for Dad

Your dad loves to know how you feel about him, but oftentimes, dads don’t hear how much their children cherish them. A nice, heartfelt gift you can give your dad that is free will mean more to him than something that was costly. To be honest, he will probably cherish this sentiment more than anything you could have bought for him. Before Father’s Day, sit down and reminisce about your dad and the way he affected your life. Make a list of the wonderful memories he gave you, the opportunities he put in front of you and the lessons he taught you. Next, find a video camera and pour your feelings, thoughts and words out for Dad to watch every single time he wants too. If you cannot find or rent a video camera, write down those special feelings and thoughts and send Dad a letter especially hand-written just from you!

Making Time for Dad

When you are working on saving money, there are several great gifts for Dad that no one can ever buy. The sentimental video, giving dad a day off from doing the chores or spending a day at the lake with Dad are just a few ideas. These are all ideas that are easy on the pocketbook and have one investment: time. Why not take the time this Father’s Day and give your dad the gift of time. Consider the things that your Dad loves and what his favorite things are. What about special hobbies? Think about what your Dad would enjoy doing most if he had a day without any obligations. These are the very things you want to take the time to share with your Dad for his special day. To present Dad with his gift, think of making a personalized invitation and disguise it as a normal gift.

No matter what you decide to give Dad for Father’s Day, know that he will love any type of gift that comes straight from your heart.

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