Best Gifts for Finance Geeks

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on November 22, 2013

For investment-savvy friends and your favorite finance professionals, shop thoughtfully this year—with money on your mind. From no-nonsense budgeting software to geeky gag gifts, we have holiday gift ideas that will get your wheels spinning.

Money Clips from Jack Spade ($68)
Jack-Spade-Money-Clip2Make reaching for the wallet a bit more fun for frugal friends with a Jack Spade Money Clip, each motif sporting an equally delightful monetary euphemism—Cheddar, Bones or Bacon. But beyond the sleek look and sly wit, these clips offer utility. Finished with brushed nickel and featuring a spring-loaded closure, they’re guaranteed to keep your cheddar nice and secure.

Learnvest Budget Starter and Financially Fearless ($89, $14.99)

Alex von Tobel, founder and CEO of award-winning personal finance platform has just released her a new book Financially Fearless, a breakdown of accessible, real-life finance advice—and she won’t have you giving up lattes. A copy of Financially Fearless makes for a fun, wildly informative read for beginners and geeks alike. And while you’re at it, cover the start-up costs (or more, if you’re so inclined) for a LearnVest Budget Starter for your loved one, which allows the user ongoing access to a Certified Financial Planner to establish and maintain a customized budgeting system.

Gentleman’s Coin Bank ($48)
Think outside the box, so to speak, and consider the gift of a stunning, handcrafted coin bank like the Gentleman’s Coin Bank from BDJ Craftworks in Austin, Texas. Available in both Cherry and Walnut, this coin bank would make a charming addition to any desktop.

Pay to Snooze Alarm Clock ($39.99)
pay-to-snooze-alarm-clockTime is money. The early bird gets the worm. Save a penny, earn a penny. You get the picture. The ultimate gag gift for finance-minded friends and co-workers, this Pay to Snooze Alarm Clock from Perpetual Kid requires a monetary sacrifice to disable the twin bell alarm. 

You Need a Budget Software Package (starting at $47)
ynabGive the gift of budgeting success with a package from You Need a Budget. The folks at YNAB offer free educational materials for mastering your finances, plus more in-depth software packages available for purchase, depending on your needs. Offering instant account updates and alerts that let you know when it’s okay to spend, the YNAB method makes a great tool for the finance-savvy—and a life-saving one for those who are not.

Money A Love StoryMoney: A Love Story by Kate Northrup ($9.99)

“Untangle your financial woes and create the life you really want.” Sound good? Well, that’s the tagline of Kate Northrup’s recently released Money: A Love Story. An ode to our relationships with money and ourselves (dysfunctional or otherwise!), the pages of Money are meant to empower readers financially, starting with a greater sense of self-love. Wrapped up tight under the tree, this tome makes an ideal gift and a fascinating addition to any money-minded reader’s collection.

Bull Catch-All ($39.99)


Any stock market stalker would be thrilled to receive this sturdy catch-all, constructed of heavy brass and finished with brushed nickel. The iconic Charging Bull, located in the New York Stock Exchange, was sculpted by Arturo di Modica after the market crash of 1986 as a nod to the strength of the American spirit. Think of this gift as a tabletop pillar of inspiration for the investment enthusiast in your life. 

REDSTAR Ink Bills Calendar ($35)

For the pen-and-paper people among us, this Bills Calendar from Red Star Ink is an organizational dream come true of the nerdiest variety. The sleek, simple configuration offers a section dedicated to each month—every section complete with a calendar, checklist and envelopes for separately housing paid and unpaid bills.

finance-calcTexas Instruments Financial Calculator ($45)

Go all-the-way geeky this year by gifting a top-notch Financial Calculator from Texas Instruments. Complete with all essential financial functions and built-in memory storage for worksheets, this tool makes a fabulous supplement to the any financial hobbyist or aspiring professional’s bag of tricks.

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