Great Buys for March

Shopping Savings
on March 6, 2013

If you are into saving money, you know there are certain times of the year when you should buy certain things. In March, you can expect to find bargains on the following.

Winter Clothes
March is a great time to stock up on winter clothes for you and you family. Retailers start discounting winter clothes after the first of the year, and by March they are desperate to get rid of whatever they have left, so you can find some incredible deals on coats, sweaters, boots and other items.

People start thinking about their summer vacations in the spring, which is why stores start offering deals on luggage in March. March is a good time to pull your luggage out of the closet to see if it’s going to last another year or needs to be replaced.

Valentine’s Day Merchandise
All that Valentine’s Day merchandise that didn’t sell will go on sale right after Feb.14, and by March it should be marked down considerably. You can get wall hangings, stuffed animals, candy, cards and lots of other stuff, which will let you get a huge head start on next year’s holiday.

March is not necessarily a big month for electronics sales, with the exception of big-screen TVs that go on sale in advance of March Madness, but March 2013 is going to be an exception. Both the new iPad and Samsung Galaxy IV debut this March, so in addition to deals on the new items you’ll also be saving money — huge amounts of money — on the older versions of both these products.

Frozen foods
March is National Frozen Foods Month, a holiday manufactured by the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association, which encourages manufacturers to distribute coupons for frozen foods during the month. This makes March a great time to fill your freezer with all manner of frozen foods.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
March is peak growing season for strawberries grown in Florida, California and Mexico, which means the supply is plentiful and the prices come down. Other fruits and vegetables that you can get good deals on in March include mangoes, asparagus and artichokes.

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