Great Buys in April

Shopping Savings
on April 16, 2013

When you think of big-time shopping months, April probably isn’t one of the first ones that pop into your head. But there are bargains to be had in April, especially on certain items.

Even though April is right at the beginning of spring, it’s a month when stores start having sales to clear out spring inventory and make room for summer stuff. You can find deals on spring attire and footwear of as much as 40 to 50 percent off at many stores. April is another good month to be saving money on winter items. Though that inventory will be scant in April, any stores that still have items such as hats, gloves, coats and boots will be desperate to get rid of them, which means you can save anywhere from 60 to 90 percent on such items.

By the time April hits, the big-time sporting events are over. The Super Bowl is in February, and the NCAA basketball championship is on the first Monday in April. That leaves a lull until the NBA Championships come along in the summer. That means electronics retailers start rolling out the deals to entice people to buy TVs. Another reason TVs and other electronics go on sale in April is that most Japanese manufacturers have a fiscal year that ends in March, so they are looking to get old inventory off the books.

Running Shoes
Though hard-core runners will run all throughout the winter months, less fanatical runners wait until it warms up to start hitting the pavement. That usually means March or April, and it’s around that time of year that you can start saving money as sporting goods stores start having big-time sales on running shoes.

Vacations and Cruises
April is an off month for travel, because it comes after spring break and before the summer months. Because of this, many vacation packages, especially those for cruises, have their best prices in April.

Lawn and Garden Items
Even though the lawn and garden season is just heating up in April, you can actually get deals on things like lawnmowers — if you buy last year’s models. Hardware and home improvement stores significantly mark down last year’s lawn and garden equipment at the beginning of spring to clear out space for new models, and anything still around in April is going to be significantly discounted.

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