Great Buys in August

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on August 7, 2013

August is a great time of year to stock up on the things that you or your kids need for school. However, there are great deals on more than just school supplies. What are some items that you should buy in August if you are into saving money?

Office Furniture
College students and entrepreneurs alike can use the month of August to save big on office furniture such as desks and executive chairs. These items are typically discounted to attract parents of kids who need a place to study or college students who want to class up their dorm. However, a nice desk or chair can look just as good in your apartment or home office.

Like all clothing, the price of swimming gear tends to come down as the swimming season trudges closer to its end. As with anything else, retailers have to get rid of summer inventory to get ready for the fall. If you want as easy way to indulge yourself with a trendy swimsuit for next year while saving money at the same time, buy your swimwear in the month of August.

Almost Anything Related To Home Decor
If you want to splurge on new bed sheets or add some nice towels to your guest bathroom, August is the best month to do so. While this is again an example of retailers catering to college students, homeowners and apartment dwellers can take advantage of the savings as well. Those who are looking to redecorate or organize their home can use the lower prices as a catalyst to get started.

School Supplies
Yes, school supplies are definitely worth buying in August. Retailers want to cash in on the rush of parents buying everything from pens to pants before school starts. If you decide to wait until the school year starts to buy school supplies, you could face higher prices simply because many states have tax-free holidays that push prices even lower.

August is a great month to buy anything that you could use around the house or in the pool. While it is not time to go back to school just yet for some, there is a marketing blitz on right now to get customers into as many stores as possible. As a consumer, this means that you win by receiving more value for your dollar.

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