Great Buys for May

Shopping Savings
on May 2, 2013

Saving money is very hard these days because the cost of most things is increasing. The good news is that there are a number of great things that you can buy in May for a very inexpensive price. Below are some of the best items to buy during the month of May:


Mother’s day is in May, so flowers are usually cheaper during this month. In fact, you may be able to save up to 50 percent on flowers if you purchase them during the month of May. You can also save money on many other great Mother’s day gifts, such as books, some jewelry and crafts.

Sporting Equipment

If you are an outdoor person, then you want to make sure that you take advantage of the great sales that go on during the month of May. You can find great deals on golf, camping and fishing equipment. Additionally, you may be able to find last year’s models on clearance.


Memorial Day is another holiday that is observed during the month of May. Many people buy Mattresses during Memorial Day sales. That is why many retailers take advantage of these sales by offering great deals on Mattresses.


Refrigerators are other items that are heavily sold during Memorial Day Weekend. You can also find a great deal on refrigerators.

Spring Clothing

Waiting until the last minute to buy your spring clothes can be a good thing. There are some retailers that offer discounts that are between 50 and 75 percent during the month of May. You may even be able to get additional savings during the Memorial Day weekend sales.

Vacation Deals

May is a great time to purchase many items, but it is also a great time to start planning your summer vacation. Many kids get out of school at the end of this month, and this is one of the cheapest times of the year to travel. You can potentially save up to 50 percent on hotels and vacation packages. Furthermore, you may be able to save even more money on a vacation to the Caribbean or Gulf Coast.

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