Great Ways to Save Money When Traveling

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on November 16, 2012

For most people, taking a vacation is always an enjoyable experience to look forward to; however, the costs associated with traveling sometimes becomes burdensome. From airfare costs to eating-out expenses, the money spent on going on vacation adds up quickly. Take a look below to learn some very valuable saving money travel tips.

Continental Breakfast
When going on vacation, book a hotel that offers free continental breakfast. In doing so, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Go to the Grocery
When it comes to saving money on your vacation, you can do so by visiting a local grocery store once you arrive at your destination. At the grocery, stock up on snack foods such as granola bars and fruit. Carry some of the snacks around with you, and instead of stopping at a restaurant every time you get hungry, just grab a snack to hold you over till your next meal.

Drink Tap Water
Instead of ordering bottled water with your meals when eating out, order tap water. Most restaurants will let you order tap water free of charge, whereas bottled water can cost more than ordering a coke.

Lodge at a two-star Hotel
If you will not be spending much time at your hotel while on vacation, lodge at a two or three-star hotel instead of a four-star. In doing so, you can save hundreds of dollars, or in some instances, even more.

Consider Staying at a Hostel
Another great means of saving money while traveling is to stay at a hostel. Hostels are very present in Europe, and although you may have to use a community bathroom, the amount of money you can save versus lodging at a hotel can be quite considerable.

Book Your Lodging in Advance
The closer it gets to your traveling dates, the more likely it is that your hotel rates will increase. The sooner you can book your lodging, the more money you can save.

Use Military Discounts
If you are a member of the military, remember that there are thousands of hotels that provide military discount rates.

Shop Around
Instead of purchasing every souvenir you see, shop around for ones at discount stores. Remember that items sold on beaches tend to come along with high price tags. If you can find a discount shop located inland, you are more likely to save money.

Use Student Discounts
If you are a college student, many shops, hotels, and restaurants will provide student discounts. Remember that in order to obtain such a discount, you will need to present your student ID card.

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