Having Problems Closing Sales Calls

Planning & Saving
on September 11, 2012

Dear Dave,
I started a little consulting business auditing commercial phone bills about four months ago. I look for unnecessary expenditures and errors and I take a percentage of what I save my clients. I’m doing a lot of cold calling and can get in the door, but I’m having a problem closing the deal. I keep getting asked who I have helped locally. How can I get someone to sign up without first having established clients?

Dear Beverly,
Why don’t you try offering to do two or three of these audits free? I’m not talking about huge companies, but local businesses that are well-known in your community. Offer to review their billing free of charge, no matter how much you save them, and ask for a referral letter if you save them money. Then, show what it would have cost them to have this service done and how much you saved the company.

You’re trading services for great references. If you do a few of these you should be able to overcome that objection!

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