Does the Upper Class Think Differently?

Planning & Saving
on April 4, 2013

While you might think that the only thing separating the middle-class and the wealthy is money, but the biggest difference between each group has more to do with mentality. Individuals who build their wealth in their lifetime and become classified as rich often think differently than others who are happy being in the middle-class. Here are just 8 ways that rich people think differently:

1. The Rich Believe In Being Selfish

Selfishness is often described as a vice. When the average person is accused of being selfish, they will see this label as an insult. The rich believe that their duty in life is to make themselves happy and taking care of themselves. Selfishness to the rich is more of a virtue than a negative.

2. The Rich Take Action and Take Charge

The lottery is very popular for a reason. The average member of the middle class has a lottery mentality, where they hope that one good ticket will strike them rich. The rich think in a different way. Instead of waiting for a winning ticket, the rich of looking for problems they have solutions to and taking action to build their wealth.

3. The Rich Become Experts Instead of Graduates

Some of the most successful people in the world do not possess a Master’s degree, let alone a Bachelor’s. While the average person believes a degree will help them earn a living and build wealth, a rich minded individual believes in becoming an expert on a specific topic instead of completing a formal degree program.

4. The Rich Look Forward to the Future

To become rich, you must set goals and turn these goals into realities. Once a goal-oriented and driven individual achieves their goals, they only have more goals to set. The rich will look forward to the future whereas the average person tends to live in the past.

5. The Rich See Money As a Tool

The average person who has a good job will make investments that are based on emotion. Conservative investments are fear-based and this person simply wants to have enough money to retire. A rich individual will see money as a financial instrument and not their “nest egg”. With this tool, they know they can take advantages of new opportunities.

6. Rich People Expect More of Themselves

To the average person, there is nothing worse than setting a goal and failing. Because of this, it is common for average individuals to set low expectations to ensure that they do not fail. The rich expect more of themselves and have huge expectations which drive them to succeed.

7. Rich People Understand Greed and Emotion

Wealthy individuals want to build more wealth. The rich, who are investing in the market, know that greed and emotion drive all of the financial markets. While the average individual is using a math formula or reviewing data to make their moves, the rich is relying on their knowledge of human nature to make more strategic moves.

8. The Rich Look At Money Differently

While money cannot buy happiness, it can make life easier. The middle-class tend to see money as a necessity to pay for necessities. The rich, on the other hand, see money as a tool that can liberate them and buy them peace.

There is no denying the fact that self-made millionaires think differently than the average individual. Knowing how to take risks, how to push yourself, and how to find comfort in uncertainty are all qualities that a rich person who has maintained their wealth possesses.

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