How to Get More for Your Money

Planning & Saving
on May 23, 2011

When you stop using credit cards a world of opportunity opens up to you. They’re disguised as bargains. The more and better bargains you can get, the longer you can stretch your dollars.

The first step to getting bargains is negotiating whenever possible. This means looking for opportunities to set up win-win situations. They do exist; you just have to ask.  Ask every time you buy something.  You miss every bargain you never ask for.

Always tell the truth, and cash is king. When negotiating these are a couple of principles you must remember. It is a lot easier to get bargains when you carry a wad of cash because sales people get emotionally and visually attached to bills.

The next step to getting a bargain is to be patient. If you need it now, you’ll pay for it. If you can wait, you’ll find a better deal and pay less.

The final step in getting a great deal is to know where to get it. This is usually not going to be the mall. Mom-and-pop stores, flea markets, auctions, pawn shops, garage sales, and scratch and dent sales are all good places to check.

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