How to Have a Glamorous Prom Without Breaking the Bank

Shopping Savings
on April 17, 2013

The average girl spends over $1,000.00 on her prom night, a night that although should be memorable and glamorous should not break the bank. The rumor is that one must buy an expensive dress, have professional makeup done and hire a professional photographer…however don’t let this myth fool you! Your princess can have it all, and at a much more reasonable cost.

Save Money on the Dress

There are several options available besides buying a non-discounted $500.00 designer dress that your daughter or son may only wear once. The most practical of these is to rent the dress! Several formal wear companies have the option available to rent dresses and tuxes for prom night, and offer a wide selection of varying dresses.

If renting isn’t something you are interested in, check out second hand stores. It may surprise you, but several second hand stores offer designer prom dresses that may have only been worn once. If you are opting to buy a brand new dress in the department store, try selling it to a consignment store after prom. Unless your daughter wants to keep the dress, getting back up to 50% of what you originally paid isn’t a bad deal!

Cab it or Hop on the Party Bus

Getting a limo for just a few people is extremely expensive, especially considering you are paying the limo driver while they are sitting around waiting for prom to end. Consider taking a cab, which is efficient and 10% of the price of a limo. If you can gather ten to twenty people, the option of a party bus becomes available to you which although pricey, still will fork out less cash than the limo.

There’s an App for That

Getting professional photos taken at prom can cost upwards of $100.00 and will most likely get lost in upcoming years. Try this: take photos on your smartphone and then get creative! Several photo apps are available to customize and edit photos, and most of them are free. Have some fun and when you are done editing, get photos printed out at your local imaging store. You could get you and your date printed on a mug, keychain, mousepad and canvas for less than one professional photo costs.

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