9 Blog Posts to Inspire Your Money Mindset

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on December 23, 2013

Generally, we say waiting for a new year to roll around to start enlisting change is a mistake. But as they say, there’s no time like the present, and since we’re heading straight into 2014, we’re seizing the opportunity to glean information, inspiration, even comfort from our nearest and dearest source—the blogosphere. These posts come courtesy of some our favorite personal finance personalities around the web, chock-full of money motivation just in time for a brand new year.



If entertainment is at the top of your budgeting priority list, consider combing the blogosphere for money-saving tips on everything from cheap date ideas to posts like The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at the Movies courtesy of fabulous finance blog And Then We Saved.


seth-godinSETH GODIN
Seth Godin‘s post on Thinking About Money delivers a long list of truths, some of them hard, that very well could be (no offense) just the wake up call you need heading into a new year.

Refer to Godin’s list of 16 “things to keep in mind” to overhaul your perspective on money—and to steel yourself against marketing campaigns that would prey on it.



There’s no sense sacrificing delicious, healthy foods in the name of frugality. And that, simply, is because it’s not necessary. Websites like 5 Dollar Dinners share recipes, coupons and other creative ways to keep food costs at a minimum. Recipes & Tips for a Rice and Beans Budget offers up more than 20 recipes, plus tips and tutorials for cooking with dried beans and grains (think super nutritious brown rice, quinoa and barley).



The Side Hustle Series at Budgets Are Sexy features colorful posts like The Side Hustle Series: I’m a Referee (AKA I Get Paid to Get Yelled At) from guest authors describing their side-jobs—ranging anywhere from substitute teaching to taste-testing and beyond—for supplementing their income.



The minds behind The Minimalists use the stunning (albeit slightly alarming) work ethic of Aaron Levie, a 20-something CEO named Entrepeneur of the Year by Inc., as an examination of what it means to be successful in The Success Template.


We’re glad to take advice from anyone who managed to retire at age 30. We’re talking about Mr. Money Mustache. And we’re loving Soldier of Luxury, his essay on luxury versus necessity that reads as half adventure novel, half spending advice—offering an thought provoking post that will have you evaluating what you need versus what you think you need.


The Weirdest Personal Finance Advice on Earth from Afford Anything doesn’t seem so weird to us. In fact, it’s brilliant. And if you haven’t taken time to evaluate why you spend so much on this thing or that—whether it be dining out, buying shoes or attending concerts—this post is for you. Actually, scratch that. This post is for everyone. It’s a must-read for any New Year’s overhaul.


goodhabitsLEN PENZO

If you’ve resolved to develop better habits in 2014, kudos to you. But now it’s time to get specific. 50 Good Personal Finance Habits Everyone Should Follow, courtesy of Len Penzo, offers a back-to-basics laundry list of good finance habits, making it a great place to start.



Jaime Tardy of Eventual Millionaire shares regular, in-depth interviews with actual millionaires in a series of Millionaire Case Studies. Talk about money motivation, right? In this installment—From Troubled Orphan to Million Dollar Motivational Speaker with Josh Shipp—Shipp shares his lessons learned.

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