Know Your Rights When a Debt Collector Calls

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on February 8, 2013

If you have fallen behind on a loan and have missed a payment, there is a good chance that a debt collector may be calling you. Your first thought may be to panic or get upset. However, you have rights that must be respected by any debt collection agency that calls you. What are these specific rights?

The Debt Collection Agency Must Prove That It Is Your Debt

You should always verify that you have a debt that has not been paid on time. In some instances, a person who has the same name as you may owe a debt and the debt collector has contacted the wrong person. Therefore, you should never assume that what a debt collection agency is telling you is the truth. If it is not your debt, you have the right to ask to not be called in the future.

False Statements Cannot Be Used Against You To Compel Payment

A debt collector does not have the right to harass you or say anything to you that is not accurate. One common tactic that a debt collector may use is to say that you are going to be sued or have your property taken away if you do not pay the debt. Although a creditor does have the right to sue you, you can not be threatened with a lawsuit unless a legal action is actually going to take place.

You Have The Right To Ask For Correspondence Through The Mail Only

It can be difficult to talk to someone on the phone who is demanding money from you. The best way to deal with a creditor is to ask that all communication happens through the mail. Technically, a debt collection agency cannot call you if you ask them to stop as well as allowing them to continue contacting you in an alternate fashion.

Dealing with debt collectors does not have to be scary. First, verify the debt to make sure that they have the right person. If the debt does belong to you, remember that no one is allowed to threaten or harass you over the phone or through the mail. Anyone who experiences a harassing phone call or receives a harassing letter may be able to sue the debt collection company in court.

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