Living the Frugal Life: 10 Ways to Save on Utility Bills

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on October 9, 2013

Saving money is easier than you think. In fact, with these ten simple tips, one can, with ease, regularly save money on utility bills.

1) Turn off appliances at night: One should turn off all their appliances at night as they waste energy when sitting around unused. In fact, when heading out of town, one should unplug most of the appliances such as a television or computer.

2) Water temperature: A person does not need boiling water to come out of the shower head. To save money and avoid problems, one should turn the settings lower. Remember, a hot water heater will waste a lot of energy as it keeps the water warm all day.

3) Seal cracks: With small cracks in doors and around windows, one will waste plenty of energy cooling and heating the house. To fix this, one should buy some caulk and use it around entrances.

4) Blinds: Sunlight penetrating a room can warm it up quickly. In the summer, one should try to block the sunlight with blinds as it will reduce the temperature of a room.

5) Fans: An air conditioner uses a lot of electricity and a homeowner should use fans instead. To take matters further, one should also open the windows at night during the summer and place the fans throughout the house.

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6) Clothes: In this summer people should wear shorts and shirts around the house. In the winter, everyone should wear thick clothing. This will allow people to live comfortably without relying on the heater or air conditioner all the time.

7) Air dry: When drying clothes on a clothesline, one will save a lot of money as dryers use plenty of power. Furthermore, the clothing will last longer and look better when drying in the sun as opposed to a dryer.

8) Natural light: When reading or doing work, some people instinctively turn on the light. This is not always necessary as some people work in front of the computer and do not need a lot of light. When doing this for a long time, one will save money with lower electric bills and will also use fewer light bulbs.

9) Simple meals: When cooking, one should try to make simple meals that do not require an oven or stove top. By making salads or vegetarian meals, one can use less energy and still have a nice lunch or dinner.

10) Get out: With so much technology, some people never leave the house on the weekend. This is boring, and a person should strive to leave the house and enjoy life. This will also help in saving money on electric bills.

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