Buying Electronics: New or Refurbished

Shopping Savings
on January 8, 2013

Purchasing new electronics comes with a high price tag. Refurbished electronic equipment may be branded as unreliable; however, most refurbs are as reliable, if not more, than brand new equipment. There is an obvious difference between new and refurbished equipment. There are important factors to consider prior to purchasing any equipment, whether it is new or refurbished.

What Qualifies an Item as “Refurbished”

Surface Damage- Surface damage is anything that may take away from the appearance of the item. This type of refurbished product often only has a miniscule scratch that is barely noticeable. It not only helps in saving money, but there is nothing wrong with the performance of the product. Performance is the number one concern when purchasing electronics.

Floor Model- Floor models cannot be sold as a new product. Purchasing floor models could mean having to purchase parts that are missing, such as cords, but even with that the money savings are too good to pass up. Aside from floor models, stores cannot sell open boxes as a new product. There are many reasons a box may have been opened, but none of them will stop a refurbished tag from going on it.

Pixel Problems- A minor defect in the display could cause a particularly picky patron to return the item. The tiniest of spots in the display, due to a pixel problem, may cause some people to return the item as imperfect. It is their right to do so and offers a perfect opportunity for someone else to get it at a drastically reduced cost.

Consider Before Buying

Money savings is the most obvious reason to purchase refurbished products. Refurbished products are often tested by an owner prior to it being returned to the store. It is then tested to prove that the product will work when re-sold. New electronics are very similar to new cars. Although it is nice to have a new product, it may come with problems that no one is aware of yet. That is not the case with refurbished electronics.

The advantages of buying refurbished products are worth considering. While it is a money saving tactic, it offers benefits that cannot be obtained through the purchase of new products. Do not disregard the idea of purchasing a refurbished product with the assumption that it will not provide the necessary quality that is being sought. The truth is, reliability should not even be considered a problem with refurbished electronics.

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