18 Ways To Repurpose Old Sweaters

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on June 13, 2014

If you haven’t tackled any spring cleaning yet—you’re officially overdue. Start with old sweaters that are taking up space, too small, or starting to wear and tear, but think twice before you throw anything out. First, grab a pair of scissors and a sewing kit, and see if you can tackle some of these 18 fantastic ways we found to upcycle retired sweaters.


1. Try repurposing sweaters into a cozy wine bottle koozie.

CREDIT: pinterest.com

2. An old sweater can make a fantastic woolen hobo swing purse.

CREDIT: flickr.com

3. How about some fingerless gloves for fall and winter?


CREDIT: pinterest.com

4. Argyle felt sweaters are perfect for Christmas stockings.

CREDIT: bargainhoot.com

5. Cut the sleeves off old sweaters and wear them with tall boots—stylish, and much easier to maneuver than a full-length sock.


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6. From sweater to Swiffer. Here’s how.

CREDIT: blueeyedfreckle.blogspot.com

7. Try making one-of-a-kind mittens from sweaters that are ready to be retired.

CREDIT: marthastewart.com

8. Your kitty cat will thank you for the lush new lounging spot.

CREDIT: icreativeideas.com

9. Cut out circles or squares and sew the edges for quick, colorful DIY coasters.

CREDIT: londonlocalservices.co.uk

10. Sweater-covered flowerpots really brighten up a room.

CREDIT: duofiberworks.com

11. Old sweaters make brilliant mug warmers.

CREDIT: londonlocalservices.co.uk

12. Upcycle your sweaters into warm cowls for next season.

CREDIT: beadandcord.com

13. Deconstructed, stuffed sweaters double nicely as decorative throw pillows.

CREDIT: pinterest.com

14. Fuzzy winter sweaters make ideal ornaments.

CREDIT: etsy.com

15. Bring a softer side of faux taxidermy with a repurposed sweater.

CREDIT: etsy.com

16. Perfectly soft, worn-in sweaters make great baby clothes.

CREDIT: pinterest.com

17. These stuffed owl pillows are just too cute for words.

CREDIT: http://maluukkonen.blogspot.com/

18. Who knew making a cap could be so easy?

CREDIT: heidistock.blogspot.com

Now that you’ve seen all the possibilities, which will you try? Leave a comment below!

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