On Sale Now: December

Shopping Savings
on December 3, 2013

The holiday season is upon us, with gift-giving season in tow. So make like the Boy Scouts and be prepared to make the most of your holiday shopping by scooping up deals on the following products, primed for purchase in the month of December.

Do you have a friend or family member that likes to tinker with tools? If so, then this is the perfect month to buy a set to finish that long-awaited home project. Tools feature deep discounts since interest tends to drop with the temperatures.

Popping bottles is better when you can get a good price. Champagne and sparkling wines are at year lows because of the beginning of celebration season. With a variety of champagnes and sparkling wines available, you can celebrate with bubbles on any budget.

The wait has finally paid off when it comes to shopping for toys. The sales were good around Black Friday, and they are better when it hits December—but the best bargains are just a few weeks before Christmas. If you can stand waiting until then, you should. But go ahead and purchase the season’s “it” toy item before stock runs out.

Television Sets
TV deals start buzzing when Christmas approaches. There is a wide array of products and deals to take advantage of, but do your research. Some cheap deals equal cheap quality. Look for well-known brands to make your bargain worth the trek to the electronic store.

Swimming Pools
Jumping into a pool may not seem so inviting during blustery winter days, but installing one should be. The demand for pool installations declines in the off-season, which makes sale prices dip. Companies have more time and summer inventory left over, leaving you with an opportunity to dive into a great deal.

Hear from a representative of the Better Business Bureau on tips for holiday shopping in stores and on the web.

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