On Sale Now: January

Living & Spending
on January 2, 2014

January marks the beginning of a new year—and a whole new set of deals. Many stores kick things off by cutting prices on old inventory, setting the scene for a frugal shopper’s paradise. Keep your eyes open for great prices on the following products, all up for grabs in January.

Air Conditioners

Since few people are in the market for cold air inside and out of their home, new air conditioners tend to land near the bottom of “to buy” lists this time of year. The being said, air conditioner prices rise with the temperatures. Buy ahead of time, and save yourself some cash.

Carpet and Flooring

Ugly flooring? Dingy carpet? Great. Take on your new project comforted by the fact that January is prime time for deals on flooring. Since many consumers purchase flooring towards the end of the year in preparation for holiday entertaining, demand tends to drop immediately after the holiday season—along with prices.

Video Games

Gamers, rejoice! Now is the best time to purchase newer video game titles. Many high profile releases debut before Christmas, leaving leftover stock after the holidays a little lackluster. Stores often reduce prices to make room for the next big thing.

Winter Clothing

Clothing stores stock up heavy in time for holiday gifting season, and then in January, they put pricey winter items like sweaters and coats on sale to make room for early spring styles, which begin to hit shelves in February. Use this time to buy and bundle up in new winter items.


A “white sale” is a good sign that January has arrived. White sales are annual linen sales traditionally held in January to encourage consumers to stock up bedding and towels. Stick with tradition on this one, because linen sale prices are rarely as good as in the first month of the year.


House hunting can be a daunting prospect. Homes tend to be hardest to sell when it’s cold out, so make an offer while there aren’t as many shoppers. Fewer offers on the market makes for more competitive pricing.

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