On Sale Now: November

Shopping Savings
on November 8, 2013

When it comes to holiday sales, everyone thinks about this month’s famous day of discount, Black Friday. While the shopping holiday does feature several excellent sales, what most consumers don’t know is that the whole month of November is filled with bargains. This month you should be looking for:

The day after Halloween, candy prices are as slashed as the victims in Halloween re-runs, so now is the time to pounce. Even though these candies may be in themed shapes, they are still good to eat and repurpose. Grab several bags to reuse in your cookie recipes—or just to keep your candy dish full.

According to DealNews, “November specifically sees the greatest number of cookware deals, period.” And it’s no wonder. Since turkeys are on sale, you need appropriate cookware to prepare your signature dish. Wow the in-laws with your family recipe and the amount of money you saved.

Wedding Dresses
Weddings may be uncommon during this chilly month, but the discounts on weddings dresses are not. Because of both the lack of nuptials and the presence of holiday shopping season, most couples aren’t in wedding mode. This leaves plenty of inventory and anxious boutique owners willing to strike a deal.

Home Furniture
Home furniture takes a large dip in price, but not for the pricier items. Larger furniture stores won’t come out with new styles until February. However, retailers like Target and Wal-Mart will reduce the price of smaller furniture this month.

The true centerpiece of this November will always and forever be the turkey. Fortunately, this month is marked by excellent prices on the Thanksgiving staple. The holiday classic goes on ultimate markdowns in an effort to keep up with over-stuffed demand.

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