How Meal Planning Translates Into Savings

Shopping Savings
on January 31, 2013

Many people occasionally feel the pressure of a tight household budget. From retired citizens to families with young children, learning how to make a dollar stretch as far as possible often becomes a necessity in order to survive. College students, middle-aged working adults and people who are just beginning new careers are also consistently searching for new ways to make their budget more comfortable.

When household bills are added to car payments, insurance payments and general maintenance and repair bills, the monthly expenses for a single person and for a family can quickly skyrocket. Standard monthly expenses can climb to an amount that seems impossible to meet when income is temporarily limited.

Simple Grocery Planning Offers Quick Solutions to Many Household Budget Problems

Saving money on weekly grocery shopping results in a more comfortable budget. When consumers, who are struggling to stay afloat financially, begin using strategic meal planning actions, a significant amount of money can be saved on groceries and household items. Produce, toiletry items, juice, meat and frozen products can all be purchased at greatly-reduced prices when people plan their meals in advance and shop according to weekly sales specials.

Weekly sales specials are offered by nearly every grocery store chain, as well as by private grocery retailers. Health and beauty items, cleaning products and major food items all go on sale each week. By taking advantage of these sales, and by combining clipped coupons and electric coupons to the savings offered through weekly specials, families can save hundreds of dollars each month on their grocery bills.

Simple Steps to Plan Meals in Advance

Planning meals in advance can be accomplished by taking a couple of hours on a weekend and going through the upcoming week’s grocery store sales ads. People will be able to see which items are on sale and then these items can be written down. By combining the meat and produce items that are on sale for a week, consumers can then create meals that revolve around the sale items.

If pork is on sale and carrots will be on sale in the upcoming week, a person may consider planning a supper meal for pork roast and carrots that can be put into a crock pot and slow-cooked during the day. This results in saving money on groceries and also a hassle-free way to plan meals in advance.

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