DIY or Pro: Should I Hire A Financial Planner?

Retirement & Investing
on April 29, 2013

When trying to build a portfolio most investors wonder whether they should find a professional financial manager or develop their portfolio themselves. There are pros and cons to either method that need to be considered before making this important decision. Saving money can be very difficult and this makes it critical to grow the money rather than lose it.

Using a financial planner rather than doing everything themselves enables an investor to take advantage of the expertise of someone who is skilled in the industry. Not only will a financial planner have years of experience but they will also have connections to the expert advise at their firm, advanced software and a thorough education and background. Using a financial planner lessens the chances for risk and the investor can choose a financial planner that usually has a high rate of return. However, using a financial planner also comes associated with many fees. Some investors also find that financial planners are not as aggressive as they would be because they are concerned about losing their client’s money.

Doing everything themselves enables an investor to manage their own risk however they chose. There are far less fees associated with managing a portfolio themselves and they can continue investing as they continue saving money rather than having to invest a lump sum at once. Investors who handle their portfolio themselves have more freedom to invest how they want but they also have to do a lot of research in their investments and they may lose money in the beginning. It is a good idea for an investor to use demo accounts before they begin actively trading in order to get a feel for the market and practice using the trading software. It is also extremely important for an investor to find the best brokerage for them.

Investing is a complicated process and professionals will usually be able to get better and more consistent results with a financial portfolio. However, investors who feel that they have a solid knowledge of finances may consider trying to manage their portfolio themselves. This option takes a lot of time and while it may save on fees it may also lose money due to losses. One thing an investor can consider is to begin by managing a small amount of their portfolio and then slowly transition the rest of their portfolio once they feel capable of doing so.

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