Re-Gifting: Frugal or Tacky?

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on December 26, 2012

When the holidays or a special occasion arrives, you may be thinking of re-gifting an item you have received in the past. If you are unsure of whether or not it is appropriate to re-gift something you have been given, reviewing the current situation you are in, the type of gift you plan to give and the recipient of the item can help you to make the right decision.

Re-gifting New Items Only

If you choose to re-gift an item, ensure it is not a one-of-a-kind object or a personal craft that someone has made for you in the past. Giving away signed memorabilia including books or posters also may not work. Instead, gifts that are generic or useful around the home and in the original packaging are the most ideal options when you are looking to re-gift this year.

Determining What Can Be Re-gifted In Your Home

Re-gifting new or only just opened merchandise is recommended. If you have already put the item to use, do not re-gift it to another friend or family member. If the item does not have its original packaging and has or has not been used, it is best not to re-gift it. Re-gifting items that are in original packaging and that have never been opened is the ideal option.

Circumstances Matter

When you are re-gifting an item to someone you know, it is important to determine when you are going to exchange gifts and whether or not there are potential conflicts that may arise, such as giving a re-gifted item when the original purchaser of the merchandise is around. Only re-gift items you know will not stand out and raise suspicions with any family member or friend you may be spending time with this year. Be sure to always consider who will be present when you are giving an item that has been re-gifted so you are able to give the gift without having to tell anyone.

Ideal Re-gifting Items

Re-gifting is possible with household merchandise in original packaging including appliances and kitchen equipment. Utensils, candle holders, fragrances and additional home decor that is unused and has never been opened are ideal presents when you want to re-gift.

Is Re-Gifting Right For You?

Although sometimes re-gifting is viewed as a negative situation, if you genuinely have no use for merchandise and you are simply not giving a gift just to do so, re-gifting can be a positive action, especially if the new recipient gets more use and genuinely enjoys the present from you.

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