Six Budget-Friendly Gifts for Graduates

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on April 15, 2013

High school graduation is a significant accomplishment representing the transition from child to adult. Many graduates will be heading off to college in just a few months and taking their first steps into living an independent life. A gift to acknowledge and celebrate their achievement is warranted and easily done with a small budget. If you know more than one graduating senior, saving money on gifts is vital.

Books Under $20
A book is a cost-effective and practical gift. You are able to personalize the book with an inspiring message.  One tremendous book is “The Graduate’s Survival Guide” by financial guru Dave Ramsey. The book teaches the new graduate how to take charge of their finances, prepare for their future and the value of saving money.  The whimsical book “Oh The Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss is a perfectly unique and fun gift for any graduate. This book promotes the inspirational message of believing in yourself.

A Gas Card
If the graduate has a car, consider giving them a gas card. Most graduates have limited funds, while the price of gas is continuing to rise. A gas card is a budget friendly yet very useful gift.

Laundry Supplies
As the graduate moves on to college, they will be responsible for washing their own clothing. Giving them the gift of a mesh laundry bag with laundry detergent inside is practical and budget friendly. Give them laundry tabs to eliminate the worry of spills. This gift will cost you less than $25.

Laptop Bag
A laptop bag is essential for every college bound student. A nice bag is easily purchased for under $40. A fashionable yet sturdy bag will protect their computer and be able to house their phone and school supplies.

Flash Drive Key Chain
All college students will require an enormous amount of computer storage space to hold their papers and notes for their classes. A flash drive key chain provides an easy way for a college student to house their keys and their homework in one convenient location. This type of key chain is available for as little as $10.

Digital Photo Frame
Many graduates will want to decorate their new dorm room with pictures and memories. A digital photo frame will provide an easy way to store all of their most treasured photographs in one small frame. A quality digital photo frame averages around $25.

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