Six Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home

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on January 1, 2013

Property values are known to decrease as time elapses. Depreciation in the value of such a property means that the owner will not get a higher price than its buying price. Luckily, this is a problem that can be fixed with an aim of improving the value of the home. By remodeling your home, you will have put yourself in a prime position when selling your residential property. Remodeling would make the property an enticing one in the real estate market, which in turn enhances the monetary value of your home. Some of the proven ways of increasing the value of your home includes the following:

1. A New Paint Job

Furnishing your home with a new paint job can be an ingenious and inexpensive way of increasing your home’s value. It gives the impression that it is well maintained and in proper condition. While painting the house, you should seal any holes that may be on the wall. Such an exercise would require the use of grit sandpaper and primer.

Noteworthy is the need to use certain types of paints on different parts of the house. For instance, the ceiling should be laced with white paint while beige would do wonders for your walls. It is important that the house appears luxurious—one way of achieving this look is by applying a level 5 finish on the interior walls.

2. Remodeling the Kitchen

Refurbishing your kitchen may seem like a tiresome and money-consuming exercise. Nevertheless, the dividends outweigh these challenges. Statistics have duly revealed that those who remodel their kitchens are likely to reap huge financial rewards when selling their properties. In most cases, the Return On Investment (ROI) for such people usually peaks at 70%.

3. Outlet Covers and Switches

Your efforts to increase your home’s value could receive a boost in the form of modern switches and outlet covers. This is a simple exercise that entails replacing old switches with new ones—power should be turned off while doing this. Coupled with new outlet covers, your buyer would think that your house’s wiring system is up to date. Consequently, they would be willing to part with a bit more money than they would have in case the outlet covers were old. However, care should be taken to violate the set wiring regulations of your home’s building inspector.

4. Improve the Yard

The yard is usually the first port of call when a realtor or buyers come to see your property. Therefore, it is important that you spruce it up to make it appealing. There are various ways that you can make your yard look appealing. One of these ways is by mowing the lawn to keep it in good condition. Also, you must remove any waste or trash in the vicinity. You can also keep potted plants along the doorway as part of this landscaping activity.

5. Create More Space

The other trick for increasing the value of your home is by making it spacious. Space is always the main desire of every buyer. Various creative ways exist on how to enhance space in the home. For instance, you can incorporate a wardrobe within a room to make it look like a guest room.

6. Increase Wattage

Increasing the wattage of your light bulbs should be another way of increasing your home’s value. Such bulbs with high wattage include fluorescent bulbs, which have the desired effect of making the house look bright.

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