Six Tips For Saving Money At Warehouse Stores

Shopping Savings
on July 29, 2013

Shopping at big warehouse club stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s can help you find some great big discounts on food. However, you still have to keep a watchful eye out to make sure you are not being tricked by these giants. Use the following tips to make sure you are saving money during your shopping trips, and not losing.

1. Choose the store brand over the fancy name brands. The store brands are generally high quality in these stores because of their generous return policies. These brands offer you the greatest amount of savings for anything from food to toiletries. Do not be enticed to pick up a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese when the Kirkland brand at Costco will taste just as good.

2. Stock up on your household supplies in bulk. These stores offer huge deals on large containers of frequently used household supplies, including anything from laundry detergent to ketchup. If you wish, you can even use a funnel to decant the product into regular containers so they are easier to lift and use. Saving money will be easier if you opt to make one big purchase of these items every other month, instead of having to pick it up every week.

3. Buy large packages of meat and poultry in bulk. Over time, the savings of this method versus buying meat regularly at the supermarket will be astronomical. With a high-quality vacuum sealer, you can break down the large package into smaller quantities. Meat can easily be frozen in the freezer to hold over for a long period of time. Plus, if you have a freezer stocked full of meat, you will not run out and have to order costly takeout.

4. Avoid all of the middle aisles. The best buys are located around the perimeter, while the middle is filled with random impulse buys. Warehouse stores try to pull people into these middle aisles so that they buy things that they did not intend to, such as clothing, toys, or books. The outside perimeter aisles are where the products with the most deals are located.

5. Make a list of everything you need to buy before stepping foot in the store. Also, once you walk into those big doors, do not buy anything that is not on your list. The displays can be awfully tempting, but chances are they are not items you really need. In other words, if you do not specifically write grill on your list, it should not be in the back of your car when you leave.

6. Upgrade to a membership to save. If you shop at the store on a frequent basis, ask customer service whether there is a membership available. Often times, these memberships come with a long string of deals and coupons. Your savings will more than offset the fee of applying for membership.

Equipping yourself with these tips when going to warehouse stores will aid you in saving money, and help you avoid falling into any advertising traps. Let the saving begin!

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