Small Business Owner’s Guide to Facebook

Small Business
on January 22, 2013

Facebook is a powerful tool that every small business can use to draw leads and increase sales. As social media marketing has become more essential for modern business success, Facebook has remained the biggest player in the field. Approaching social marketing without a plan is a bad idea, so developing a strategy first is the way to make strides on the site. Here’s how you can use Facebook to build your small business.

Getting Started

Take stock of what you want to promote before you get on Facebook. If you’re going to succeed there, you’ll need to know who you’re targeting. Once you’re ready, you can start making a fan page to draw visitors. This can be your company’s main presence online or a supplement to your main website. It’s important to stay focused at this point because Facebook offers so many options that businesses can get lost in their promotional efforts. Post photos, comments and information your target market wants to see. As your fan page evolves, you can post applications and videos as well. Develop a personality that enlivens your Facebook presence and watch the fans pile in.

Engage People

Engage in discussion about online and local events with offline friends and new online associates as you promote your page. Let people know you appreciate their feedback and respond to efforts at connecting. In the long term, you can post contests, opinion polls and other activities to get people involved in what you’re doing. Many people will enjoy the chance to interact and be part of your Facebook presence.

Don’t Just Sell

Facebook is valuable for marketing, but you don’t want to overdo it on the social networking site. Too many advertising messages will drive fans away and avert future sales. Instead, keep things casual by telling friends and fans about events, specials and other interesting tidbits they’ll appreciate. This can take serious time, but it’s well worth it for the loyalty it builds. Also, be sure to respond quickly to input from fans who visit your page.

Use a Social Networking Specialist

Creating a Facebook presence is no small feat to accomplish correctly, so you might want to consider hiring a manager to handle the transition. As your Facebook fanbase grows, you can pay attention to personal interactions with prospective clients and partners. Different plans are available depending on how much you’d prefer to outsource or handle at home.

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