How Instagram Can Benefit Your Small Business

Small Business
on March 4, 2013

For anyone still not familiar with Instagram and what it does, it is a mobile application that allows users to edit and share photographs with each other. These photos can be either untouched or enhanced with special filters that give each photograph a retro appearance. As with many social networks, users are able to follow other members and make comments on pictures. Although Instagram can be accessed through various websites, new photographs can only be added through the application.

Instagram has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past several years with millions of registered users. It has unquestionably influenced other photo editing services that allow turning Instagram photographs into stickers, postcards and magnets. As a company that offers services or products you might be wondering whether Instagram can be used to your benefit.

Fortunately, Instagram has provided creative new mediums that allow businesses to give potential clients an artistic means of looking at their specific offerings. Many major brands are now effectively utilizing Instagram for advertising, branding and marketing purposes. To fully take advantage of Instagram requires sharing content that is compelling. By using specific hashtags related to your service it’s possible to engage consumers most likely to have an interest. Another advantage of Instagram is that it does allow sharing photographs on other major social media sites for added exposure.

The web is becoming more visual and Instagram certainly is continuing that trend. Millions of users are expressing their creativity and sharing interests. Small businesses and large companies alike are realizing that Instagram is a perfect opportunity to create brand interest and promote services. Plus, it combines several powerful forces in social technology markets – photo sharing and mobile. This results in a platform that offers a value proposition that is truly unique.

Instagram is expected to continue growing well into the future. Although the primary focus is on the mobile experience, Instagram has added other features including the ability to display individual photographs through a shareable link on the web. This added benefit allows businesses to stream to desktop users along with a tagging, searching, commenting and liking option. It’s been said many times that a picture is worth a thousand words. For small companies using Instagram, this has never been truer.

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