Small Business: When Are Credit Cards A Good Idea?

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on June 27, 2013

When running a business, it is often necessary to have a credit card. With the ability to charge items on credit, an entrepreneur will have a few major benefits. Here are six occasions in which a business owner should use a credit card.

Recurring Charges

When a company buys a product or service every month, they should use a credit card. When doing so, the company will start saving money with ease. Remember, a customer does not have to pay their bill until about a month after making the charge. This helps a company save money on interest and finance charges.


Most business owners need to buy plenty of supplies. When upgrading computer equipment or other office items, one should use a credit card. When doing so, the buyer can get a free extended warranty on his or her purchase. In fact, some credit card companies will add-on two years to the warranty. This is a huge benefit for someone who does not want to spend money out of their own pocket when a product breaks.

Large purchases: Most banks offer rewards in the form of cash back or other benefits. When making a large purchase, one should take advantage of this by using credit. For example, when buying a $5000 item, one can receive one percent or $50 just for using a credit card. Over time, this will help a business in saving money for the future.

Cash Flow

Some businesses struggle with cash flow. When this happens, a profitable company will still have difficulty to meet monthly obligations. This is a serious problem for a lot of business owners with slow-paying customers. As mentioned, one does not need to pay the credit card bill immediately. For this reason, one should use a credit card when they are looking to meet their financial obligations.


In a rush to get started, some entrepreneurs do not develop an accounting plan. As a company grows, this can present problems for the accountant. Fortunately, when putting everything on the credit card, one will have an easy time organizing the finances of an organization.


When a company has a few employees, they will inevitably have them buy products. When giving a worker a credit card, a business can make things easier on both the employee and company.

When using credit cards, a business will have an easy time remaining organized. Furthermore, the company can begin saving money and taking advantages of plenty of benefits that banks offer.

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