Tech Savvy Apps for Shoppers

Shopping Savings
on December 4, 2012

The future of shopping isn’t just about buying online from eBay or Amazon. Tech-savvy shoppers are using the many apps available for their phones and tablets for saving money when purchasing products, and these apps are some of the best.

Retail Me Not

When it comes to saving money, there might be no better app that Retail Me Not. Available for both iOS and Android, this app lists sales and online promo codes for thousands of stores. The app and website also list printable coupons for shoppers, and users can save favorite coupons for future reference. Some coupons are even redeemable in the store when the user shows her phone to the cashier.


ShopSavvy is a cool app that’s available for Android, iOS and Windows phones. With the app, shoppers can scan the barcode on any product, and ShopSavvy will look up the item in other stores to help consumers find the lowest price immediately. The app displays both local and online results, allowing shoppers to pick up items that they need immediately from stores in the area or wait any buy them online.


Slice isn’t about saving money, but it is changing the way people shop online. Users connect the app with their email account and Slice will track deliveries via shipping number. Slice also looks for price drops for purchased items, and stores like Kohl’s and Wal-mart will adjust order totals to account for decreases in price.


Decide is an interesting website and app. Shoppers can download it to their iPhone or iPad, and the Decide app helps them determine whether they should buy a product for a specific price. This app doesn’t just compare prices from other retailers, however. The Decide app applies scores to products based on user reviews, lets shoppers know when a newer model is available or coming soon and makes predictions based on market factors. Users who wish to wait can use Decide to alert them when the price drops for a product.

Key Ring

For the shopper that wants to clear out his wallet or clean up the plethora of loyalty cards on his key chain, Key Ring is the perfect app. Plus, it’s not just available on iOS and Android. Even BlackBerry owners can use Key Ring. Users simply have to take a picture of their loyalty card, and then they can store the number on their phone and ditch the physical card.

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