Tips for Saving on Pet Medical Expenses

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on October 5, 2012

Our pets are like family, and as members of our family we try to give them all the love, care, and attention they deserve. However, being a loving and responsible pet owner also takes money. Like humans, our pets require food, vaccinations, quality health care, and an occasional toy.

Whether you are a pet owner or you are planning to adopt a pet, caring for your pet while saving money should be at the top of your list. Here are a few tips to help you save on vet costs.

Pet Insurance
Purchasing Pet Insurance is a smart decision when it comes to saving money. Just remember to read the fine print, and to compare cost and coverage before choosing.

Check with your local pet stores and animal shelters on how to get free or low-cost vaccines. Another way of saving money is by spacing out your pet’s vaccinations.

Animal Shelters
Check out your local animal shelter for low-cost veterinary services in your area. Many of the local shelters have a veterinary clinic and will offer vet care at lesser rates. They can also refer you to non-profit spay-neuter clinics that can provide services at reduced prices.

Preventive Check Ups
Preventive health checkups can end up saving you money. Make an appointment for a well-pet checkup soon.

Online Prescriptions
Do a search online for pet medication and compare prices with that of your vet’s.

Quality Healthy Food
Feeding your pet quality foods will not only benefit your pet but will end up saving you money in the end. Many of the commercial dog and cat foods contain wheat, grain and meat by-products that are not healthy for your pet. Avoid costly vet bills and read the ingredients before you buy.

Flea and Tick Preventatives
Saving money by buying flea and tick preventatives in single doses is another way of cutting cost. This, and treating your yard regularly, will keep cost down and will end up saving money.

Pet Proof
Look around your home. Is your garbage easily accessible to your pet? Do you have foods or plants around your home toxic to animals? How about pesticides and chemicals they can get into? If your answer is yes, then you need to pet proof your home and avoid an expensive trip to the emergency clinic.

Savings Account
Open up a savings account for unexpected vet visits.

Holistic Approach
Learn to treat your pet at home in a holistic way. A holistic approach to your pet’s basic health care needs is another sure way to saving money.

Adopt Wisely
Planning to adopt a pet, then think small. That handsome large dog you have you eye on can come out costing you a hefty sum of money. They require more food, cost more to board, and certain breeds are more prone to health problems than others.

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