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on December 10, 2013

Traveling may present a hefty expense—but these apps don’t. This list of free travel apps, all available for both Apple and Android devices, offer ways to cut costs, keep track of travel plans and discover new places, allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about logistics.


around-me-travel-appNavigating an unfamiliar city? With AroundMe, you’ll never be lost for long. This app lets you search for the closest restaurants, shops, hotels, gas stations, parking spots and other useful places near you. You can click on a suggestion to get the address and phone number of a business, then get directions starting from your current location.

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trip-it-travel-appThe TripIt app manages your itineraries, organizing all of your travel plans into one place. All you have to do is forward an email with transportation and accommodation information to the app; it pulls out dates, times and locations and arranges them into a personalized itinerary for you. This app even adds weather information, maps and online check-in links to allow for smooth sailing every step of the way.

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gate-guru-travel-appGetting through the airport and to your flight on time can be one of the most daunting travel experiences. GateGuru makes flying a breeze by keeping you updated on security wait times, flight delays and other changes to your travel plans. You can browse amenities are near your gate, consult maps and read reviews for over 200 airports worldwide—and even keep track of travel stats, like how many miles you’ve flown.

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stay-city-travel-appStay provides travel guides for over 150 cities worldwide. Browse recommendations for dining, local attractions and lodging to create your own personal city guide based on where you want to visit. Once you’ve planned out your trip through the city, Stay allows you to download maps that you can use offline, preventing frustrating logistical hiccups when you wander away from your wi-fi connection.

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Trip Advisor

trip-advisor-appThe Trip Advisor app offers user reviews from other travelers on accommodations, restaurants, attractions and transportation. The reviews rank an item from one to five and provide explanations for each ranking. Different filters like price range, rating, or areas near you let you customize your search, and at the end of your tirp, you can offer your own reviews on favorite (or least favorite) spots and services around town.

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