Top Reasons Why Your House Won’t Sell

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on July 30, 2013

A home seller often faces an uphill battle when trying to sell his or her property. While some of the problems are difficult to avoid, a smart seller can improve his or her chances at unloading their property. With that being said, here are the top five reasons why a home will not sell.

Too expensive: Now, most people want to get the most out of their real estate transaction. Unfortunately, some owners list their house for a higher price than it is worth. When doing this, a seller will see his or her property sit on the market for a long time. In fact, with resources on the Internet, one can find the value of prices in the neighborhood. This makes it difficult for a seller to ask for a higher than the average market price. A seller must remember to research the prices in the area.

Curb appeal: Often, a buyer will make his or her decision quickly. When walking up to the home, many potential buyers will make up their mind about the property. With an ugly and dilapidated yard, one will scare off potential buyers. In fact, even if a potential buyer does not mind, they will probably offer less for the house. Without a doubt, a smart seller must clean up their yard and fix up their front porch. Otherwise, one will put fear into most people who expect a beautiful home and yard.

Flexibility: Some sellers will not want to work with potential investors. Meaning, some homeowners will not allow the real estate agent to show their property without advance notice. Sadly, when one will not show their house with ease, buyers will not have the opportunity to browse the property. A savvy property owner who wants to get the most for his or her investment must have flexibility when showing the house.

Time of the year: In some areas of the world, one cannot sell their house in the winter. Sadly, in a haste to sell the property, some will list their home in the winter or late fall. When listing it too late in the year, one will not attract many buyers. Furthermore, it is difficult for a person to accentuate the positives of their house when the weather is cold and dreary.

Inside setup: When having a unique home, one may scare off buyers. One must realize that a buyer will want to see a neutral house. When looking at rooms with neutral colors and a normal setup, one can imagine what they would do with the rooms. On the other hand, when having a unique and out of ordinary setup, one can turn off buyers. Remember, keep it simple and neutral when looking to sell the house.

When looking to sell off a property, one should take the time to improve small issues. To take it further, a property owner should have flexibility in his or her schedule. When following these tenets, a seller can get the most money out of his or her home.

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