Skip the Gym Fees! 10 Best Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

on April 6, 2015
Fitness on Toast

The Anywhere Workout

Staying active reduces stress, improves memory retention and prolongs life-not to mention the numerous respiratory and, ahem, "aesthetic" benefits that a regular fitness routine brings. And, as research shows, every bit counts! While gyms may be just the ticket for some folks, they can be costly and ultimately not worth the expense for many. So in the interest of skipping gym fees altogether, we've rounded up 10 diverse workouts you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime.

Tone it Up

The Daisy Dukes Workout

From J.Lo to Iggy to Beyonce to Nicki Minaj (we could go on), we'll concede that it is, indeed, about the booty. This workout is designed to lift and tone your tush just in time for summer. Grab some dumbbells, and go just about anywhere to complete this workout sequence.

Get the Workout: Daisy Dukes Workout

Purely Twins

Full Body Pregnancy Workout

No gym and virtually no time? That's alright, if you can dedicate 21 minutes to working out, we have the ideal circuit for you from Purely Twins. This five-part interval workout is not only efficient, but it is also safe for expectant mothers. Are you out of excuses yet? Us too.

Get the Workout: 21 Minute Home Workout

Fitness on Toast

Central Park Workout

Public parks are the perfect place to workout sans-gym. You can use the green space for jogging, or take advantage of trails, benches and stairs for a dynamic, blood-pumping, toning workout. Just head on over to Fitness on Toast for the perfect park workout plan.

Get the Workout: Central Park Workout


Subway Workout

When we say anywhere, we mean anywhere. And so does Andia Winslow! This workout-designed for the city that never sleeps-is perfect for any bold public transport passenger. But even if you aren't so brave to begin doing reps in public, there are some great workout moves in this video that can be preformed pretty much anywhere.

Get the Workout: Subway Workout

Move Nourish Believe

6 Yoga Poses to Do at Your Desk

We all know that sitting at a desk all day isn't good for you. It's just not. So we encourage you to get up and keep your body moving throughout the day. This easy workout is comprised of de-stressing yoga moves perfect for breaking up a long day at the office.

Get the Workout: Desk Yoga

Pop Sugar Fitness

Full Body Tabata Workout

Tabata workouts are trendy for a reason. They're ultra effective and extremely efficient-burning tons of calories in minimal time. This full-body tabata workout requires only 30 minutes and is broken into three distinct cycles: a warm up, a full body cycle and a core cycle. Isometric exercises are preformed during the "rest" period for even more toning. All you need is a 5-10 pound weight!

Get the Workout: Full Body Tabata Workout


Pop Sugar Fitness

Body Weight Workout

No equipment? No problem! This 40 minute workout was designed as a full-body strength training circuit to get you bikini ready. With the warmer months quickly approaching, this workout is your ideal body-weight toning workout.

Get the Workout: Body Weight Workout

Spry Living

Banish Batwings

Lauren Gleisberg is here to help with any kind of unsightly "batwing" situation you might have going on. This at-home arm workout targets the tricep muscles and can be done virtually anywhere. With three moves, Lauren can help get rid of arm flabu2013 no gym necessary.

Get the Workout: At-Home Batwings Workout

Skinny Ms.

5-Minute Office Workout

We'll say it again-every little bit helps! The next time you need a respite from workday screen time, instead of heading to the break room and munching on snacks, take five minutes to do this office workout. You'll need your chair and your desk... and you might want to make the coast will be clear for the next few minutes.

Get the Workout: Office Workout

Women's Health

The Do-Anywhere Crossfit Workout

Crossfit is all the rage, and prices are set accordingly. But these six crossfit inspired moves can be done anywhere. Women's Health uses six moves to create four different workouts to keep things interesting and to keep your body guessing.

Get Workout: Do-Anywhere Crossfit Workout

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